Another Doctor ‘Happy Hands’ Botches an Expensive Education

Dr Nishant R Nadpara

Dr Nishant R Nadpara (photo credit – Hudson Valley NY TV 12)

A New York doctor formerly employed by Crystal Run Healthcare in Middletown, as well as St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center Family Practice Clinic in Utica, has been ordered by that state’s Board for Professional Medical Conduct to surrender his medical license. This, as the result of multiple complaints by female patients that he routinely, inappropriately touched them during physical examinations.

Unlike hundreds of other medical facilities, Crystal Run stepped up and did the right thing.

Unlike hundreds of other medical facilities, Crystal Run stepped up and did the right thing. They refused to hide a bad doctor. They put patients first.

State health department investigators learned that Doctor Nishant R. Nadpara, as so many other Indian emigrants, was in the habit of sexually handling women behind clinic closed doors. They determined that he had abused at least three women patients over a four-year period that began in 2008 in the Hudson Valley area.

Nadpara, age 39, was found to have abused one patient on several occasions between June 2011 and May 2012, including kissing, hugging and sexually touching her during supposed medical exams. Another patient – unknown to the first – reported to authorities nearly identical behavior. She also reported that Nadpara would repeatedly call and text her for no medical purpose.

Doctor Michelle Koury, Chief Operating Officer at Crystal Run Healthcare. said this:

Our "Medical Hero" of the month

Our “Medical Hero” of the month

“Immediately after we were informed of a patient complaint involving the  doctor in May 2012, we suspended him and arranged for other physicians to care for his patients. We swiftly referred the matter to the Office of Professional Medical Conduct and accepted his resignation. He never saw another patient.”

As of today, no criminal charges have yet been filed against Nadpara, according to New York State Police.

Here is another view of this case:$FILE/BRD%20249614.pdf

Our Observations:

This particular Third World Assassin attended B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat University in India. He graduated in 1999. He then emigrated to the U.S. and found American health care was – as Navy fighter pilots like to say – a “target rich environment” for lab coat shenanigans.

E Pluribus Unum.

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10 thoughts on “Another Doctor ‘Happy Hands’ Botches an Expensive Education

  1. Donna says:

    I can’t connect to the website……..that you refer to above. The address runs off the page to the right. I tried to copy and paste but that didn’t work. Curious to read the site! Thanks!

  2. S.A. native says:

    Still no idea why there is not more public outrage when doctors like Dr. Nadpara sexually abuse women. You’d think women’s groups would be all over it.

    • We share your exasperation.

      What could be more baffling than “measles” dominating entire news cycles while 500-600 dead patients everyday is completely ignored by mainstream media?

      An excellent example of public ignorance is our first book’s editor in Indianapolis. After the manuscript’s first pass, she said that we’d made an error in categorizing the book “America’s Dumbest Doctors” as “nonfiction.” She said the book’s format of listing names of doctors and their crimes (about 400 were included) would give readers the impression that all the stories in the book were true. With all her experience, she was missing the entire point of the book. The bizarre behaviors ARE true. Every single one.

      We don’t bother writing “fiction.”

  3. S.A. native says:

    Here’s one organization that does get really upset about medical sexual abuse, but not for the reason you’d think:

  4. S.A. native says:

    Don’t know if you are interested at all in the misdeeds of chiropractors, but their “hands-on” approach just invites all sorts of sexual abuse:

    • Hey, S.A. –

      Actually I am and I think its been quite a while since we reported on one.

      The few I’ve known personally have always been above-board and ethical care providers. Thanks for the tip on this one. We’ll do some homework and get a story up. They are indeed far more “hands-on” characters than the typical practitioner.

  5. S.A. native says:

    Another doc with a photography hobby. Amazingly, this guy owns up to it, and more:

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