Weekend Weird Duck – This One from Egypt

Dr Akram Ismail

Dr Akram Ismail

In the freaky-physician state of Florida yet another MD has been busted – this one for sneaking upskirt photos of unsuspecting lady shoppers.

Yeah, you heard us right.

Doctor Akram Ismail, who worked as a gastroenterologist at four different central Florida locations, apparently found routine trips to the grocery store were boring. So last Thursday at the Publix supermarket in Groveland he came up with a really cool way to spice things up. Why, he could just bend down and position his cellphone camera under a woman’s skirt. Maybe – just maybe – he’d get a great shot of a cute lady’s secret parts. Who’s gonna know?

Unfortunately in all the fun, this lab coat loon forgot all about a well-known component of criminal prosecution. Nearly everybody has heard of it. it’s called W-I-T-N-E-S-S-E-S.

So when a customer-witness dutifully reported what she saw to the grocery store manager, he called 911. The manager reported to police that he too saw Ismail place the phone near the floor beneath a woman’s clothing. Actually, several customers spotted him turn on the camera app on his phone, bend down and move the camera under a woman’s skirt.

Ask your doctor if he is into amateur photography

Ask your doctor if he is into amateur photography

“He holds his phone in his hand, and he’s got things on top of it, and then he acts like he’s going to pick something up from a lower shelf,” the manager told the dispatcher. “He was using his camera without them even knowing it, and then he’d walk on down the aisle.”

When police arrived at the store they confronted the 57-year-old doctor. When he said he “didn’t do anything wrong” they reminded him the store had an excellent security camera system. That was when “he started breathing heavily and sweating.” And when they examined his phone they were able to scroll through photos that proved the medical maniac’s behavior was a tad twisted. More than one video revealed that Ismail was routinely placing his phone under the skirts of female shoppers. Police say that because of the numerous videos, they suspect there are many unknowing victims in the area. Police spokeswoman Sergeant Stephanie Crews told reporters, “We did notify surrounding agencies across Central Florida. We’re looking for similar incidents caught on store surveillance.”

While being questioned, Ismail voluntarily blurted out that, “Okay, I have a problem….” He stated that he had a “compulsive disorder.”

Ismail was on staff at Advanced Gastroenterology & Surgery Associates. He had privileges at both Leesburg Regional Medical Center and The Villages Regional Hospital.

The wayward doctor was released from Lakeland County jail after posting $5000 bail.

(We sincerely thank contributor S.A. Native for bringing this case to our attention)

*          *          *

Our Observations:

Still another Third World Assassin:

In 2005 this idiot was arrested resisting an air marshal while onboard a Delta Air Lines jet. The police report describes Ismail’s heavy drinking and acting up caused the pilot to return the aircraft to the gate at New York’s JFK Airport.

In 2012, he was sentenced six months in federal prison for probation violation.

Ismail’s camera shenanigans come six years after was arrested in a case where there was strong evidence he was trying to hire a professional killer to maim or sexually embarrass a professional rival. He evaded prison by pleading guilty to a lesser charge that required community service and probation.

Akram Ismail is a poster child example of a Third World Assassin personified.  He is from Cairo, Egypt, where he began a rotating internship at Ain Shams University Hospitals in 1982. He is an immigrant physician who came to this country and has been a one-man crime wave for years. Yet he will not be deported, and in fact is still a licensed physician.


If you happen to stumble upon his self-serving bio on Linked In, you’d see quite the wholesome fellow: no mention of his sneaky camera antics whatsoever. We find that rather curious.


*          *          *


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