Immigrant MD Gets Six More Years for Stealing Millions

“This doctor intentionally defrauded the federal health care system for his own personal enrichment.” (U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden)


In the state of Nevada a physician already in prison for other major crimes was found guilty this week of yet another case of massive medical insurance fraud.

Dr Dipak Desai and wife

Dr Dipak Desai and wife headed for court

Doctor Dipak Desai, who owned and operated the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada until it was closed down, confessed to Conspiracy to Defraud Medicare, Medicaid and numerous other private insurance companies. He admitted that he accomplished the theft of more than $2,000,000 by overcharging for anesthesia services, according to U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden.

Desai, age 65, who lived in luxury in Las Vegas for decades, changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” as he stood before U.S. District Judge Larry R. Hicks. He was subsequently sentenced to an additional 6 years in federal prison and ordered to repay over $2,200,000.

The notorious doctor is already serving 18 years-to-life for his role in the deadly hepatitis outbreak in Nevada in 2007. He pleaded guilty last week to additional charges stemming from the center’s practice of significantly overcharging both private and public insurers.

Desai, whose anesthesia service was the epicenter of an outbreak that infected more than 100 patients in Southern Nevada, confessed that his staff routinely exaggerated the time they spent with patients and told office staff to falsify medical records.

In 2013, Dr. Desai, now 65, was convicted of second-degree murder for the death of a hepatitis C-infected patient, as well as 26 other felonies, including patient neglect and reckless disregard of patients resulting in substantial bodily harm. Prosecutors were able to show that Desai’s medical operation was driven to maximize profits by any means, including reusing injection needles, which is what caused the hepatitis outbreak.

An FBI press release reports that Desai and his chief operating officer, Tonya Rushing, “imposed intense pressure on their staff to schedule and treat as many patients as possible each day. They ordered the nurse anesthetists to overstate on medical records the amount of time they spent on the medical procedures.”

Tonya Rushing was sentenced to a year in jail for her role in the scam.

Here is another recent case:

Indian-American Doctor Ankur Roy, age 38 of Miami Beach, was operating Selectcare Health, Inc. an outpatient physical and respiratory therapy service. Roy, along with his co-defendants Dipen Desai and Akash Patel, were convicted in a $2,500,000 health fraud scheme.

Here’s more:

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