The Litany of Lab Coat Perverts Just Keeps Going and Going and . . .

“The doctor unknowingly began an internet chat with a detective pretending to be the mother of a very young child, in January, on a website called OlderforYounger. He  wrote that he looked forward to teaching her child how to have sex. He said he would wait until she was nine before having full sexual intercourse with her. But in the meantime he could do ‘other sex acts on her.'” (Court testimony)

Dr Donald W. Lamoureaux

Dr Donald W. Lamoureaux – Would you trust this man with your child?


In the city of Fort Smith Arkansas a physician has confessed in federal court that he tried to lure a mother to a motel so that he could have sex with the woman’s four-year-old daughter.

And some people actually wonder why we wrote the book, “The Paramedic Heretic.”

The mother turned out to be an undercover law enforcement officer for the Fort Smith Police Department, who went along with the internet arrangement as part of a secret task force to apprehend child predators in the southwest Arkansas.

Doctor Donald W. Lamoureaux, age 69, stood before U.S. District Judge P.K. Holmes yesterday and admitted  that he had tried to entice a mother to allow him to groom her imaginary pre-school child for a sexual relationship.

At the time of the hearing Judge Holmes advised Lamoureaux that he is now facing a 10-year prison term when he is sentenced this Fall. The wayward physician has been behind bars in Sebastian County jail since he was arrested on February 6.

Lamoureaux, a family medicine specialist, employed at the VA Medical Facility in West Plains Arkansas, was arrested in a motel, where he thought he would be meeting the woman and her daughter. According to investigators, the doctor planned to give the little girl a bath, and then they would play with the sex toys.

When detectives searched his car on the day of his arrest,  they discovered a Barbie doll, a dog collar and a prescription for Cialis.

(This case was investigated by Homeland Security, the Fort Smith Police Department, the West Plains Police Department and the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force)

Here’s another look:

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Our Observations:

A dog collar?

This ugly case is the pluperfect example of state medical boards’ abject lack of concern for public safety when it comes to aberrant physicians.  Larmoureaux had already showed his penchant for child porn as far back as October 2007, when he was fired from White River Medical Center in Batesville. It was discovered then that he was accessing child porn sites over the hospital internet web browsers.

Did the hospital administration report the deviant doc’s behavior to the National Practitioner Data Bank, as required by law?


Did the state medical board take any action at all over this?

Don’t be ridiculous.

*          *          *


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