Bank-Robbing Doctor Headed to Federal Prison

Dr Damian Newhart Robbing Bank of the West, Huntington Beach California

Dr Damian Newhart Robbing Bank of the West, Huntington Beach California

Yet another disgraced doctor is now getting a legal kick in the pants over some pretty bizarre shenanigans – namely, robbing banks. Now, we could make this stuff up, but with all the garbage behavior by so-called healthcare providers among us – why would we have to?

Doctor Damian Loren Newhart, age 41, is an Orange County California dentist whose medical license to treat patients was revoked last July. He had been running the tired, drug-prescriptions-for-cash scam, you see. And when the Dental Board of California learned that he was routinely prescribing Valium, Vicodin, hydrocodone, Norco, diazepam and Viagra to people with no medical need – which he did for at least three years – they pulled his license. Newhart had been operating a Laguna Niguel orthodontic clinic up till then.

So what’s a befuddled doc to do? He had to earn a living. So why not a seven-bank crime spree that started in November 2014 and ending with his capture in January. According to the FBI, Newhart got away with just over $20,000 for his efforts.

In federal court, Newhart pleaded guilty to three bank robberies and confessed to four others, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Kendall: U.S. Bank; OneWest Bank; Bank of the West, followed by Citibank branches in Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Nicknamed the “Rolled Sleeves Bandit” by the FBI, Newhart will spend the next five years in a federal prison,

Here’s another view of this daffy doc’s case:

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Our Observations:

Quick quiz: Let’s play a game. Find us ONE other serial bank robber in U.S. history who got a 5-year prison sentence.

Go ahead. We’ll send you a crisp $5 bill for the elucidation.

Because, well, that’s the kind of mood we happen to be in tonight.

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