Convicted Ohio Doctor-Rapist Loses Appeal: Stays Behind Bars

Dr Keith Goldblum escorted from the courtroom

Dr Keith Goldblum escorted from the courtroom

“A new friend of the Defendant’s daughter spending the night for the first time, tied the drawstring of her sweatpants extra tight so she would be sure to wake up if the Defendant tried to touch her, ‘because that’s what might happen when you spend the night at the doctor’s house.’” (Court testimony)


In the city of Dayton an emergency physician already imprisoned for child rape has had his Appeal rejected by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The basis of his Appeal is that the Defense contends that there was insufficient evidence to convict him on the Voyeurism charges, and that all of his convictions are against the manifest weight of the evidence.

Doctor Keith D. Goldblum, age 61, who was found guilty in the summer of 2013, is two years into his 21-year sentence. He was convicted of 10 counts of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a minor including Rape, as well as multiple charges of Voyeurism.


“This doctor often pulled back the covers of four young girls to look at their genitals and sometimes touch them during sleepovers. This happened over the course of years at two different houses.” (Montgomery County Assistant Prosecutor Lynda Dodd)


According to the Montgomery County Prosecutor, Goldblum assaulted girlfriends of his daughter during sleepovers, over a 10-year period that began in 2002. Investigators believe that all of the crimes took place at Goldblum’s homes in Dayton and Washington Township. It was February 2011 when a parent notified law enforcement of disturbing statements her daughter was making. The girls, from different families, are now aged 18-20.

Goldblum’s arrest originated from a complaint of suspicion of voyeurism to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Other victims came forward during the investigation. Goldblum surrendered voluntarily to law enforcement on May 4, 2012 and his employment by Premier Health Partners was terminated. He had worked as an ER doctor at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Here’s another look:

(We thank reader S.A. Native for bringing this Appeal’s case to our attention)

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