Michigan MD in His Second Year of 15-Year Prison Term

“”I am a victim of the disgusting, selfish, and sexually deviant crimes that Kassem Hallak has been accused, tried, and convicted of,” one patient told the court. “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and has affected the way I trust doctors and people overall.”


Dr Kassem M Hallak

Dr Kassem M Hallak

Doctor Kassem Mahmoud Hallak sits behind bars in a Michigan state prison these days, almost exactly two years since he was found guilty on 8 of 11 charges of Patient Sexual Assault. The case was heard in Eaton County District Court, in Lansing.

Hallak, now age 57, was given the maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting female patients in a clinic over a 5-year span that investigators believe started in 2006. He had owned and operated Charlotte Medical Center and Urgent Care facility with his wife in the city of Charlotte, southwest of Lansing.

The jury needed less than two days of deliberations to find Kassem’s patient’s accusations believable. Some women testified the doctor touched them inappropriately in the exam rooms. One woman described Hallak having sex with her on the exam table. The youngest victim was 12 years old at the time of her sexual assault. She spoke of visits to Hallak’s office when she was only eight years old. In all, 11 female patients reported being sexually molested by the same physician.

“At the time it happened I figured I could just brush it off and forget about it. Then when I heard more and more of what other women were reporting, I couldn’t hold it in anymore,” one victim said.

One woman testified that Hallak had “spanked and massaged” her after administering an injection.

“He started getting very weird. He wanted me to drop my pants down to my knees. I thought it was a joke, what was going on, because he was laughing. Then suddenly he would get strangely angry.”

Hallak’s medical license has since been revoked by the state of Michigan

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Our Observations:

Kassem Mahmoud Hallak is an Arab. He attended Universitatea De Medicina Si Farmacie Victor Babes, Timișoara, in Romania. He graduated in 1983.

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2 thoughts on “Michigan MD in His Second Year of 15-Year Prison Term

  1. S.A. native says:

    One of the few sexual predator doctors to face any prison time. Most cut deals and get probation.

    • S.A. –

      Very true. And even though in court the prosecutor stated that, “This man will never practice medicine again,” it is highly unlikely that will be the case.

      The reality is that when Hallak gets out of prison, he will simply cross a state line and be relicensed by another state medical board. He will continue working as an MD in some capacity. Or, because he and his wife still own an urgent care clinic in Charlotte Michigan, he might just return and work there as unlicensed medical staff. These clinics have practically no oversight.

      And he absolutely would never be stripped of his citizenship and deported. THAT would dramatically lower the criminal immigrant population, which the U.S. has no serious intention of doing.

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