Ohio Doctor/Rapist Freaks Out; Gets Tasered in Courtroom

Dr Jason Connors

Dr Jason Connors

“You were a doctor, and you are evil! You have changed who my child is forever.” (Mother of the child who was raped three times)

In the city of Dayton a physician already found guilty of Rape had to be subdued by police during the sentencing phase of his trial 30 days ago.

Doctor Jason Dean Connors, age 45, was awaiting his sentence for raping a little girl in the town of Moraine when he abruptly began screaming and kicking police officers standing behind him.

At the time of the outburst the child’s mother was addressing the court, reading an emotional victim impact statement. Witnesses reported that Connors was shocked with a police taser at least once before he was eventually restrained.

In a previous hearing in April Connors, an osteopathic specialist, confessed to three counts of Rape and three counts of Gross Sexual Imposition with a child under the age of 13. He was given the maximum sentence of 25 years in Ohio State Prison by Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Michael Krumholtze.  He is also now registered as a “level three” sex offender for life.

According to Sergeant Jon Spencer of the Moraine Police Department, Connors was arrested in Las Vegas on March 28 by U.S. Marshals, the same day that he was indicted by a grand jury in Montgomery County.

Here’s another look at this particular medical monster:


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Our Observations:

As is so often the reality, this doctor has been a one-man crime wave for years. A full decade before this case, Connors was found guilty on seven charges of drug dealing – trading narcotic prescriptions for sex with at least three different women.  He lost his medical license to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery:

Conviction relating to controlled substances  (12/17/2004)

  • Action Taken: Revocation
  • Summary: Dr Jason Dean Connors; License # 34007046Nature of Complaint:The Physician has pled guilty to seven counts of Trafficking in Drugs.Action Taken:

    In lieu of further disciplinary action, the Physician has voluntarily surrendered the license to practice medicine, which the Board has accepted as a Revocation.

  • State: Ohio

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2 thoughts on “Ohio Doctor/Rapist Freaks Out; Gets Tasered in Courtroom

  1. Ron says:

    So when does he resume practice?

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