Michigan Doctor: ‘I See Dead People – And I Make Them Pay Me’

“Most folks think it is pretty hard to get a doctor to make a house call these days. Apparently a Dearborn, Michigan, doctor is an exception to that rule. According to charges filed by the Justice Department against Dr. Hicham El-Horr, Dr. El-Horr was even willing to make house calls on people who were already dead.” (Wallace Law Firm commentary)

Dr Hicham A. El-Horr

Dr Hicham A. El-Horr

In the city of Dearborn yet another physician has admitted he concocted a Medicare billing scam – this one by sending people out in the neighborhoods to treat home-bound seniors, who were told their caregivers were doctors.

Doctor Hicham Abdul Karim El-Horr, age 57, was the owner and operator of a business called House Calls Physicians PLLC in the town of Allen Park. Investigators learned that El-Horr’s “fake doctor” company took in more than $11,000,000 in Medicare in-home treatment payouts. Hundreds of thefts took place over a 5-year span than started in March 2008.

El-Horr, whose specialty is family medicine, confessed to Health Fraud Conspiracy – a deliberate scheme which brought in nearly $100,000 a month, as the direct result of non-doctor house call bills falsely signed by El-Horr and other MDs.

This and other related Health Care Fraud cases were investigated by the Human Services Office of the Inspector General; the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, and the FBI. Since March 2007, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force has opened operations in nine cities and has charged more than 2,000 defendants, who have collectively, illegally billed Medicare for at least $6,000,000.

Hicham El-Horr will be sentenced in U.S. District Court in Dearborn in October.

Here’s another look:


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Our Observations:

It is our opinion that El-Horr simply lived up to his name. For a time he was quite successful at prostituting an honorable profession.

Hicham El-Horr emigrated from Saudi Arabia. He is a 1999 graduate of Ibero-American University in Santa Domingo. After attaining his medical degree he was accepted with open arms by the U.S. healthcare system, which he already knew was appallingly easy to steal from. He therefore qualifies as a Third World Assassin. He is certainly not alone.

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7 thoughts on “Michigan Doctor: ‘I See Dead People – And I Make Them Pay Me’

  1. Ron says:

    Apparently many foreign born physicians consider America the land of opportunity…for fraud. What we see here in Dearborn, which has a large Muslim community, is representative of many places in America. They come here because things are bad there. Things are bad there because of people just like them.
    There is no need to import the refuse of their teeming shores; we have enough dirtbags of our own. A provision for deportation should be included in any immigration program in which such poor examples of humanity are allowed within our borders. If they have become citizens, then revoke their citizenship as well.

  2. sylvie vie says:

    How you can we accept such doctors to treat Americans of the United States of America! !!!!!! Yet honorable European doctors are there and demanding that working in a world similar to their continent, one must also check the accounts and real estate of these murderers in their home countries theft is always to feed their lives of paradise to the Retirement and without paying a dollar as tax, in addition medicare is going to be probably pay off and the abused victims who will pay them back after having lived hell with extremists, it is always the laxity of the state that incites this kind of characters To take advantage of the system and practice the Nazi state on citizens who want to live in peace, in addition to having a mediocre degree and being accepted to work in the United States of America is really funny. ….

  3. sylvie vie says:

    In principle when one discovers several infections it is necessary to fear the epidemic, it is useful therefore to look well in their entourage of similar cases, you have the capacity to do it, after you it is the poor citizen who pays the bill before medicare .

    • Sylvie –

      We have no clue what you are trying to say. Care to try again?

      • sylvie vie says:

        …… if I try a second time. …. it is insulting to your intelligence. ….. in any case my opinion is addressed to the national conscience. …… and it is not at all personal. …… always useful to have some sensitivity and read between the words…

      • “always useful to have some sensitivity and read between the words”

        No, actually when it comes to non-fiction, it is far more useful to write as clearly as possible and be understood.

        The only thing “between the words” is blank, non-useful space.

      • sylvie vie says:

        I speak better in French

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