Doctor Who Once Injected Girlfriend with AIDS Virus Wants Out of Jail

Dr Richard J Schmidt

Dr Richard J Schmidt

“When a doctor’s girlfriend tried to break off their decade-long relationship, he retaliated by injecting her with blood from an AIDS patient.” (The Prosecution)

A Louisiana physician serving a 50-year prison sentence for injecting his former girlfriend with the AIDS virus, has been denied early release by the state parole board.

Doctor Richard J. Schmidt, now age 66, was originally found guilty of Second Degree Attempted Murder in the 1998 trial that drew news media attention from around the world. He was convicted of injecting a nurse named Janice Trahan with a virus-laden shot in 1994, after she had ended her affair with the physician. Investigators learned that the injection, which the victim believed was a vitamin shot, was actually contaminated blood from two of the doctor’s very sick patients.

Shot of Vengeance: The Janice Trahan Case

Janice Trahan in 1994

One suffered from AIDS and the other with hepatitis.

Schmidt, who sits behind bars at the St. Gabriel Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, is not eligible for early release until 2023. The hearing this week was the doctor’s first plea for release. He worked as a gastroenterologist in the city of Lafayette for most of his career.

Nurse Janice Trahan contracted HIV but was able to survive the infection, and testified at the hearing.



A happy Janice and Jerry Allen today


Here are two other views of this bizarre case:


Think doctor misbehavior just can’t get any worse? Oh . . . sure it can.



Doctors & Crime. It just never stops . . .



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