Immigrant Physicians and Crime: We Just Don’t Learn Very Quickly, Do We?

“I have no doubt that these crimes were committed. These women will never go to a medical appointment again without severe anxiety and concern.” (Judge Michael McCarthy)


Dr Fady Sabry

Dr Fady Sabry

In the city of Yakima Washington a physician was sent to state prison last week, after pleading guilty to sexually molesting three women during what were supposed to be physical examinations.

Doctor Fady Sabry, age 57, entered what is called an Alford Plea in Yakima County Superior Court, to two separate charges of the crimes of “Indecent Liberties” and a third charge of Third Degree Assault. Because of his admission, the greater charges of Rape were lowered to crimes of considerably less consequence.

The doctor is in . . . well, in a prison cell

The Doctor is in . . . well, in a prison cell

Legally defined, “Alford Pleas” mean that while defendants make no verbal admission of guilt or apology, they do admit that if the case moved to a jury trial, the prosecution would very likely show enough evidence to convict them.

Sabry MD was originally arrested on the charge of Second-Degree Rape in September 2013, after a woman reported to police that he sexually assaulted her during a pelvic exam. Not long after the first charge, two other women – both employees of the same Central Washington Internal Medicine clinic where Sabry worked – also reported that the doctor had sexually molested them during their examinations.

Both Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center, which owns the clinic where Sabry worked, as well as the doctor, are currently being sued by at least one of the women.

Sabry MD has had his state medical license revoked and has been ordered to register as a sex offender.

The case was heard, and the sentence was imposed, by Superior Court Judge Michael McCarthy.

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Reader F Makhail says:

“I know this doctor very well, I believe he didn’t this crime he is a Christian.”

So was doctor Martin MacNeill.

“… praying daily & very near from GOD, he is living with his wife and loves her more than his life.”

So did Osama bin Laden.

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2 thoughts on “Immigrant Physicians and Crime: We Just Don’t Learn Very Quickly, Do We?

  1. S.A. native says:

    Sentenced to four years. Out in what, 1-1/2?

    Some indications he will be deported to Egypt upon his release. Maybe he was just practicing to do virginity exams in Cairo.

  2. S.A. native says:

    It bears repeating: the number one place for a woman to encounter a sexual predator is her doctor’s office.

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