San Diego Physician Now in State Prison for Medical Insurance Scam

“This doctor’s conduct constituted an abuse of trust that brought shame to his profession.” (Deputy Attorney General Hardy Gold)

Dr Jason Ling

Dr Jason Ling

Another Southern California  doctor caught ripping off tax-paying citizens has been sent off to state prison – this one for 3+ years. This one operated in Spring Valley.

Doctor Jason Ling, age 43, was also ordered to repay the $1,500,000 he stole from the Medicare and Medi-Cal insurance providers. He had been arrested in October, 2012 and charged in Federal and State courts on tax fraud and insurance billing crimes.

In Federal court, Ling changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” to Conspiracy to defraud Medicare. Prosecutors were able to prove that he joined forces with a “street-level marketer” to refer people who were not even sick, to his Spring Valley clinic. Ling would then routinely create fake medical charts and bill Medicare for “treatments.”

According to the San Diego U.S. Attorney’s Office, the wayward MD was also in the habit of prescribing expensive electric wheelchairs to “patients” with no medical necessity.

And so the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Medical Fraud staged an undercover operation in which an agent “patient” walked into Ling’s office with no assistance. The doctor could plainly see the undercover patient was fully mobile. Ling never asked if she was in pain or if she had any problems walking. He performed no orthopedic examination. He simply prescribed her a wheelchair and charged Medicare $280 for the six-minute visit, which he falsely billed as “a home-health visit with comprehensive medical history… removal of impacted earwax… and a mental examination.”

Ling’s “clinic” was in truth a basement bedroom in a house on Crest Drive, in a residential neighborhood in Spring Valley.

Deputy Attorney General Hardy Gold showed in court that idiot Ling even submitted fake bills to Medicare while he was sitting in jail, claiming he was treating patients as a “mobile physician at their home.”

Ling’s attorney, Roseline Feral, had the nerve to state this in court prior to his sentencing:

“This doctor has done a lot of good. He is basically a good man. He dedicated his life to taking care of people.”

Superior Court Judge Timothy Walsh didn’t think so. He sent Ling off for a 44-month state term.

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One thought on “San Diego Physician Now in State Prison for Medical Insurance Scam

  1. Ron Slade Sr. says:

    The Dr. is a good man? Puleze!
    I hope this guy, if he is an immigrant, is returned to his home country immediately on discharge from prison.
    If he isn’t an immigrant, perhaps we could find some other country which needs physicians so badly they are willing to accept scumbags like him.

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