Okay, Tell Us Again. Nurses Want to Marry . . . Whom?

Time to lighten the mood by stepping away from doctor crime and here’s a subject that just might do the trick. Trust us, during medic down-time, this topic is a real thigh-slapper. Let’s start this way:

In my formative years – had the subject come up – I might have opined that sure, some nurses probably do lean toward that career in order to marry physicians. Not so fast, Scoobie Doo.

Over the past 30 years we have had ample opportunity to learn the truth. But just to ensure that our own conversations with nurses were not entirely skewed, we put the following question out to LVNs, RNs, MICNs and MSNs in all 50 states. That’s several tons of “N’s.” Just under 600 responses came back. In no particular order at all, here is the exact question, and a representative sampling of their answers, word for word:

“Have you or anyone you know, become a nurse in order to marry a doctor?”

Well, tighten your seatbelt because here come their responses:

“How very stereotypical of you to assume it is a nurse’s ‘fairytale dream’ to marry a doctor. I myself am happily married to a firefighter.” (RN in May)

“I’m engaged to a med student. I knew him before he ever got accepted to med school. But I’d marry him even if he was a garbage collector. I have lots of friends who are in med school and they do not look down on nurses in the least. I think it is the older doctors who disrespect nurses so much. Hopefully the attitudes of the younger ones won’t change for the worse.” (Emerald)

“Not married to one but dated a few. I work with radiologists now and they tend to be impossible. They expect perfection in absolutely everything in their lives. Some of their qualities don’t translate into happy relationships. Many are on their fourth marriages. I haven’t met the doctor yet that I would want to be in a long-term relationship with. I married a teacher.” (Julie)

“Some of my friends asked why there is so much doctor bashing by nurses. That’s easy. It’s because nurses get bashed so much by doctors. Their holier-than-thou attitudes don’t make for pleasant comments.” (LasVegasRN)

“Years ago I had a friend whose greatest desire was to be the third wife of a particular Jewish neurosurgeon. Her theory was that the third wife will inherit everything and in the meantime she could cope with pretty much any negative part of the relationship. Her theory ended when she realized he refused to take his shoes, socks and beanie off when they were naked in bed. She married a teacher instead.”  (Gomer)

“I work in a small hospital and I know them all. I wouldn’t get anywhere near even one of them. I treat them like the alien life-forms they are.” (JoolsDoc)

“Time for you to sit down and listen. If you marry a resident, You’ll get dumped when they pass their boards. If you marry a divorced doc you’ll help pay his alimony. In about five years he’ll trade you in for the new hot thing in Post Op. Trust me. The only male more narcissistic than an MD is an airline pilot, and either way you’re gonna’ crash and burn. The women doctors can be impossible. Do yourself a favor and ask around.” (NormaRay)

“You’re definitely going to get slammed for this question. Have you worked with these people? Have you spent any professional time with them at all? Most med students are pretty nice and they’ll treat you like a peer. But docs will flirt with you in the lounge and then treat you like dirt out on the floor. I’m engaged to a sports bar manager. A doctor? Never happen.” (MaineChick)

“My husband says he’s the Doctor of Love. Does that count?” (Kornflake)

*          *          *

If you’d like to read more of the above, order yourself a copy of this:


One thought on “Okay, Tell Us Again. Nurses Want to Marry . . . Whom?

  1. Ron Slade Sr. says:

    Our society is sick enough without the addition of more dirtbags. I have met very few physicians I would have as a friend.

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