What’s YOUR Doctor’s Name?

Ever Wonder about YOUR Doctor??

Ever Wonder about YOUR Doctor??

“The oddity of some physician names might never have occurred to us, were it not for our early discovery that there are MD’s in this country actually named Doctor. We knew right then, that this was gonna be fun.”\


In our salad days of research into the wacky world of medicine we turned our attention to the curious matter of physicians’ names.  This might never have occurred, were it not for the early discovery that there are MD’s in this country actually named Doctor.  Imagine our delight at finding seventeen of these curiosities in existence.  Sensing immediately this could be the tip of a comical iceberg, we wanted to determine just how far this freaky Dr. Doctor thing might go.  So we poured a drink and jumped right in.  Within a few hours we stumbled upon two dozen doctors with the names Lance and Poke.  Not to be outshined was another bunch and a half named Drill, Cutter and Scope.  And although we were unable to locate anybody named Suture or Suction, we roundly cheered the reality of several Dr. Needles.  This was going to be fun.

Now, some of these guys have names that their patients in pain should find downright comforting.  If we went to doctors at all, we’d probably choose lads and lassies named Fix, Cure and Heal.  And who wouldn’t?  We thought how neat it would be if these guys and gals were to hang shingles alongside fellows named Smart, Wise and Sharp.  Hard telling how much money they’d rake in.  Surely they would have a clear advantage over the eight degreed amigos named Blewitt and Croak, Butz and Klutz. (And yes, they actually exist)

Occasionally a doc’s name bears witness to a particular specialty.  We stumbled across an orthopedic surgeon named Bone and a skin dude named Rash.  Could there be any doubt that Dr. Couch was a psychiatrist?  And don’t you just know that Dr. Gass was destined to become an anesthesiologist, pretty much from the moment of conception?

Sadly, this Feng Shui of nominative determinism does not hold true for all 800,000 MD’s in the country, as God most likely intended.  Maybe that’s why our medical system is in such turmoil – our health care yin & yang is off-center.  The United States has spawned eleven doctors named Pollen, Dust and Mold, and not one of them is an allergist. For that matter, Drs. Stool, Kidney, Nose and Arms don’t work in their proper fields either.  Not one of the 10 Dr. Bloods is a hematologist. And Dr. Heine toys with other, less-fun parts entirely, which as far as we’re concerned is just plain wrong.

In closing, keep in mind that Dr. Flesh, Dr. Gore, Dr. Achey and Dr. Fuss are all licensed and legal, and ready to play with your body.  And if our little prelude to this chapter strikes you as irritating, just trundle on down to the sofas of Dr. Gripe, Dr. Bicker or Dr. Looney – all of whom would just love to hear all about your particular discomfort.

Here’s a tiny peak at what (whom) we found:

[And now, a drum-roll, if you please . . .]

An Allergist worth mentioning – Dr. Aikenhead

Want Anesthesiologists? –        Dr. Tranquilli, Dr. Ether

Need a Heart Specialist? –       Dr. Love, Dr. Fix, Dr. Valentine

Surgeons to cut & paste  –        Dr. Gore, Dr. Blades, Dr. Killam, Dr. Graves, Dr. Hurt, Dr. Hacker

Obstetrics/Gynecology     –        Dr. Lecher, Dr. Beaver, Dr. Storck, Dr. Bush, Dr. Wiwi, Dr. Fillerup

And don’t you just know these docs were destined to become pediatricians, pretty much since they were pedi-people themselves?

Kid docs                            –        Dr. Childs, Dr. Tickles, Dr. Toy, Dr. Kidd, Dr. Elfman

(Excerpt from the book, “America’s Dumbest Doctors”)

Have a terrific Thursday, readers.

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‘America’s Dumbest Doctors’ – Ever Wonder about Yours?

“I have found that out of 100 doctors, there are only 3 that I would trust with my life. Read this book and you will be amazed at what the medical field is really doing. I know no one is perfect, but doctors take an oath to help heal, not to cause harm.”
Great job Patrick. I hope you can get your message out to the masses.
Michael Monji

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Funnier than expected; deadlier than it ought to be

Funnier than expected; deadlier than it ought to be

“Do not let the title fool you. The value of this book lies not only in its hilarious incidents (which are abundant), but in the truly bizarre antics by way too many healthcare practitioners (the sheer numbers are astonishing). The author invited medical professionals nationwide to speak their minds on quirky physician behavior, and yikes, did they ever. The result is an eye-opening view of doctors, which is just shocking.

Each chapter takes a different viewpoint and in between are hundreds of actual news headlines, all of which advance the book’s scary premise: No other profession spawns more ludicrous conduct. There’s the highly-educated MD who tried to seduce a topless dancer with the severed hand of a cadaver; the famous diet doctor who spanked his nurse’s bare bottom with a riding crop when she ate something fattening; and on and on. It’s really a rollercoaster ride, so fasten your seatbelts! Jacqueline Marcell

I had the pleasure of interviewing the author on my radio show.”

Jacqueline Marcell, Author ‘Elder Rage, or Take My Father… Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents’, International Speaker on Eldercare & Alzheimer’s

Immigrant Criminal Doctors: The Hits Just Keeeeep onnnn Coming . . .

“This doctor admitted that every spinal surgery that he performed in California with implant devices was for his own profit.”

Dr Aria Sabit cutting on another American patient

Dr Aria Sabit cutting on another American patient

An Afghani physician who recently became an “American citizen” confessed last week that he committed Health Care Fraud in Michigan and Conspiracy in California.

Doctor Aria Sabit, age 39, admitted in superior court that he deliberately injured patients with unnecessary spinal surgeries, and then stole insurance money when they paid for the reprehensible operations.

Sabit admitted that he also conspired to get cash payments in exchange for using particular surgical implants manufactured by Apex Medical Technologies while he worked in Ventura California. And in a totally separate case, Sabit has confessed to Insurance Fraud as a surgeon in Detroit, after moving there from California 4 years ago. Here is a review of the case:

  • Physician Sabit was arrested on charges of falsely billing for operations he did not perform, or that were medically unnecessary.
  • Investigators discovered the doctor lied to at least five patients that he performed spinal fusion on them and billed them, when no surgeries were actually performed. All five are now suing him.
  • The surgeon is known to have billed insurance payers for more than $30,000,000.
  • in California, one patient died from complications after a surgery.
  • The U.S. government filed a complaint under the False Claims Act against Sabit last September for his involvement with spinal implant company, Reliance Medical Systems, which has 12 physician-owned offices.
  • Sabit tried to flea to Dubai last fall before he was arrested.

Two former patients recalled their brutal experiences. Cindy Hallett, age 60, walked slowly from the courthouse, telling reporters, “Why? I don’t understand how you can treat another human that way. But at least he’s been stopped.”

Tonocca Scott, age 40 of Ypsilanti, said he remains in constant pain from his back surgery in 2012.

“I’ll never trust another doctor,” he said.

“Doctor Sabit’s actions were deplorable,” said Lamont Pugh, who heads the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector in Chicago.

Sabit has not yet been sentenced.

Disciplinary action (4/10/2015)

  • Action Taken: Revocation
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)
  • State: Michigan
  • Gross Negligence  (8/25/2014)
  • Action Taken: Surrender
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)
  • State: California

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Our Observations:

An Afghanistan emigrant who amasses wealth at the expense of vulnerable U.S. citizens and kills for cash.

Could there possibly be a better pluperfect example of a Third World Assassin?

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Reader Ron Slade Sr. comments:

          “It’s not news to anyone that our immigration system is broken, and the nature of that brokenness pervades the entire system. It is so dysfunctional that it is impossible to describe it all here. The basic premise is that we need more people. We accept that premise without question, even with millions of unemployed Americans.
          Second is the presumption that all human beings are more or less equivalent and interchangeable as so many auto parts. All peoples and all cultures are equal in the eyes of an incompetent government which cannot control its borders and which refuses to reduce immigration despite the will of the people.”

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Why We Call Them ‘Third World Assassins’

Dr Ismail Taher

Dr Ismail Taher

(The following article was referred to us by reader ‘S.A. Native):

Sherwood Park Sex-assault Doctor Gets Probation

A Sherwood Park doctor convicted of sexual assault for massaging a patient’s breasts, was placed on probation for 12 months on Thursday and ordered to take counseling.

Doctor Ismail Taher, 37, also agreed to pay $5,000 in damages as part of a joint submission by Crown and Defense, for a suspended sentence. He must submit a DNA sample for the national DNA databank in Ottawa.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Joanne Goss noted the incident was “traumatic” for the 20-year-old victim, but ruled the agreement was “highly reasonable and appropriate” as the sex assault was on the low end of the scale.

Goss noted that Taher was given numerous positive references and he has strong community support. She cited a letter from a physician mentor who wrote that Taher now has a much better understanding of doctor-patient boundaries and professional standards.

Outside court, the victim, who cannot be identified under a publication ban, said she feels that Taher – a Libya-born married father of three daughters – should have got a stiffer sentence.

“I think it was too light,” she said.

Taher is also facing two additional charges of sexual assault allegedly relating to separate incidents in June and August of 2013 involving different women. He is scheduled to go to trial on the charges in November.

Goss earlier found Taher guilty following a trial and said in her decision that she found he had touched and massaged the victim’s breasts and touched her buttocks while examining an irritated nose piercing and an inflamed tattoo on her hip at a Sherwood Park clinic on August 17, 2013.

The victim testified she lowered her pants a few inches to show the doctor the tattoo irritation and said he asked her to lower her pants further. She said he then touched her on one of her buttocks and then moved his hands up under her sweatshirt and began massaging her breasts.

“He had a hand on my bum and the next thing I knew there were two hands on my breasts,” she said.

The woman told court the doctor then asked her if she wanted him to stop and she said she told him yes.

After the alleged sexual assault, she said the doctor told her she was beautiful and asked her why she was modifying her body with piercings and tattoos.

“I felt like my doctor was flirting with me right after he touched my breasts,” she said. “I bet that would make a lot of people uncomfortable.”

Taher is currently practicing in north Edmonton.

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, Taher has conditions attached to his practice permit ensuring he has a chaperone in attendance when examining female patients or those under 16.

(We thank reporter  of the Edmonton Sun)

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Our Observations:

This case underscores two points that we stress on the this website:

1. Criminal physicians are appallingly under-disciplined

2. Physicians from the Mideast are notoriously unable to control their sexual impulses in the presence of female patients.

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Criminal Doctor Redux: Two Years Ago Today . . .

“Doctor Ajemian corrupted the license publicly granted to him to practice medicine, and betrayed the public trust embodied in that privilege. By his fraudulent actions, he not only distorted his professional duties, but flipped the physician’s medical function on its head and made health care a mockery.” (U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero)

Dr Peter J Ajemian

Dr Peter J Ajemian


State: New York – Felony conviction relating to health care fraud  (1/20/2014)

  • Action Taken: Exclusion from Medicare Program
  • Summary: Federal sanction
  • State: New York
  • Felony conviction  (6/28/2013)
  • Action Taken: Surrender
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York, has announced that Doctor Peter J. Ajemian was sentenced today in Manhattan Federal Court to an 8-year prison term. This, as the result of his role in a massive Long Island Railroad – LIRR – fraud scheme that enabled employees to falsely claim early retirement and disability based upon non-existent disability assessments.

Investigators discovered that over a 10-year span beginning in 1998, Ajemian falsely documented on 735 medical charts of retiring LIRR employees, that they were eligible for physical disability benefits. In his position at the time, Ajemian was responsible for treating 50% of the LIRR employees who retired and received disability benefits. AJEMIAN changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ January 2013 to Health Care Fraud, Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud, before U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero. It was Marrero who imposed Ajemian’s federal prison sentence.

“Today Dr. Ajemian begins to pay the price for being a key facilitator of a massive disability fraud on the LIRR, that he admitted resulted in losses of millions of dollars.(Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara)

The Railroad Retirement Board functions as an independent government agency to administer benefit programs, including disability benefits, to the nation’s railroad workers and their families. A unique LIRR contract allowed employees to retire at the relatively young age of 50.

Ajemian. as a certified orthopedist, was instrumental in ensuring LIRR retirees receive disability benefits to which they were not entitled. Between the late 1990s and 2008, this criminal physician declared 95% of the LIRR employees he evaluated as “disabled.” He routinely created false documentation to show the train employees’ steady decline in health coincided with their pre-planned retirement dates. He then provided to those LIRR employees medical reports to submit to the Retirement Board, that claimed they should receive disability annuities. These medical narratives were at times fabricated, at other times grossly exaggerated, so the doctor could recommend work restrictions that – if legitimate – would render it impossible for the railroad employees to continue performing their jobs.

Ajemian, in return, received an average of $1000 in cash for his fake reports from each employee. He also amassed $2,500,000 in health insurance payments for bogus medical treatments. The “patients” received $90,000,000 in disability benefit payments.

Ajemian, age 63, lived in luxury in Oyster Bay Cove until he was moved behind bars. He was also ordered to forfeit $116,000,000 and pay another $116,000,000 in restitution.

Here’s another view of this seriously ugly American health fraud case:


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How Do Rapist Doctors Regain a Medical License? Simple. Cross the State Line and Start Over

Dr William  Dando

Dr William Dando

When Doctor William Dando moved to Maryland to jump-start his career after a patient-rape conviction, he knew exactly how to dodge his criminal past in Florida: he lied on his application. He said he got a little drunk one night and beat somebody up. As a physician he was well aware that the Maryland state medical board – top-heavy as boards happen to be with fellow physicians – would give his paperwork little more than a cursory glance. Fortunately for him, he was not a realtor or a truck driver or nurse, pilot, cabby or cook. New-hires in the real world are actually scrutinized.  Doctors are not. There would be no criminal background check; no awareness that he had done something serious enough to spend 4 years in state prison. And Dando knew it.

Now, it wasn’t as though the Maryland Board of Physicians was honestly blindsided by this sneaky sick twist. Their counterparts in Georgia had already alerted them that Dando was not welcome in their state. And medical authorities in Florida had notified the same Maryland colleagues of this character’s rape conviction in their state as far back as 2003. Neither warning prompted further examination by the Board. They licensed the guy. Boys will be boys, you know? Like most all state boards, Maryland had no burning incentive to verify criminal histories. They accept whatever doctors tell them about their past hijinks and do not bother with routine background checks – checks which are the norm pretty much everywhere else on the planet. And again, like most other state medical boards, Maryland is not particularly interested in creating a system for recognizing patterns of physician misbehavior. So they either ignore it or hide it, and hope nobody notices.

Of course it’s hard for people not to notice a one-man crime wave like daffy doc Dando. Not long after he got settled in again in Baltimore County, he managed to kill a patient. According to attorney Jay Miller, the family of Grace Elliott has just agreed to a civil lawsuit settlement with Doctor William Dando. This, as the end result of a case stemming from Elliott’s death from a physician-caused, prescription drug overdose in 2010. The terms of the lawsuit and dollar amount are confidential.

Here’s more:

Documentation: Download here (PDF)

  • State: Maryland
  • Other  (6/12/2014)
  • Action Taken: Summary Suspension
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)
  • State: Maryland
  • Other  (6/5/2014)
  • Action Taken: Summary Suspension
  • Summary: Please reference the following Document
  • Documentation: Download here (PDF)
  • State: Maryland
  • Substandard Care, Incompetence or Negligence  (2/7/2013)
  • Action Taken: Probation Terminated (Ended)
  • Summary: Dr. William Thomas Dando; License # D50835; NATURE OF COMPLAINT: The physician has complied with the terms and conditions of the 04-28-2010 Consent Order. ACTION TAKEN: The Maryland Board of Physicians terminated the probationary terms and conditions imposed by the 04-28-2010 Consent Order.
  • State: Maryland

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S.A. Native commented:

“For the most part, state medical boards do a woefully inadequate job of protecting women from sexual misconduct in the exam room. Dr. Dando is just one example that demonstrates that the place where a woman is most likely to encounter a rapist is at her doctor’s office.”

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