British Doctor Gets 6-Year Sentence for Sexually Assaulting Nurses

‘Sex pest doctor spanked my bottom,’ one nurse testified

Dr Ram Manohar

Dr Ram Manohar arrives at Liverpool court

In the city of Merseyside England a physician was found guilty yesterday of multiple counts of sexual battery on two medical staff members.

Doctor Ram Manohar, age 38, had claimed he did not touch the women in any “sexual or inappropriate” way in 2013, while on duty at Arrowe Park Hospital.

But the prosecution was  able to prove to a Liverpool Crown Court jury what two nurses had reported to police about the behavior  of Manohar behind closed doors was true, The jury convicted him on three of the four counts of sexual assault, after five hours of deliberations. The case was heard by Judge Andrew Menary, who sentenced Manohar to six years in prison and said this:

“You wanted to have a physical no-strings attached affair with the first nurse. What she experienced would have been every woman’s worst nightmare while undergoing a medical examination.”

The judge said he did not accept the doctor’s explanation that the second nurse had welcomed his physical attention. He believed her when she testified that she was left terrified and bewildered.

He said. “You were until now held in the very highest regard by your colleagues. All of that has now gone. You will never practice medicine again.”

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Our Observations:

The United States is not the only country that has to cope with Third World Assassins. But we can promise you Manohar MD would never have gotten a 6-year sentence in this country.

So we soundly cheer the Brits for locking this chap away and meting out an appropriate punishment.

Here’s more:

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One thought on “British Doctor Gets 6-Year Sentence for Sexually Assaulting Nurses

  1. Ron Slade Sr. says:

    Better to return him to Elbonia or wherever he came from than to saddle the Brits with his care and feeding for 6 years.

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