Medical Miscreants – Readers Weigh in . . .


Some of us actually think. Some us don't

Some of us actually think. Some of us don’t

We are fortunate to have a fair number of regular readers, and we consider ourselves honored when they make their thoughts known.

Here are a few comments from those who actually ‘get it’:

Thought I’d let you know of a video synopsis of my medical malpractice story: but didn’t know how else to let you know.

(Lee J Caroll)

*           *          *

“I have always been outraged at how the fact that Major Nidal Hasan was a PSYCHIATRIST has been totally ignored by the media. Whenever there is a mass killing, the media laments that not enough money is going to fund Mental Health care [i.e. psychiatrists]. I wonder how many homicidal patients Dr. Hasan “counseled” before wiping out 13 lives all by himself? Who is counseling the wacko psychiatrists?”

(Permanent Vigilante)

*          *          *

“Any rule of law we might have applies more thoroughly to the poor and disenfranchised. The judicial/law enforcement/ prison complex is money driven.
Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1965 actually discriminates against applicants for citizenship who are from the Western Hemisphere. This was done in the name of ‘fairness’.”

(Ron Slade Sr.)

      *          *          *

“Sexual misconduct by doctors just goes on and on, and as you’ve pointed out, doctors pretty much get a pass. If licenses are revoked, they get them back later on. If the judicial system prosecutes, they get probation for actions that would have any other man thrown in prison.”

(Charles, Doctor Watchdog)

*          *          *

“There is a very bad link between doctors and relatives who own pharmacies too – as I have found much to my disgust.

(Judy Jones)

*          *          *

“You’re kidding, right? Compassionate? Where was his compassion when my mother struggled to walk in and out of his office to get fake injections? Where was his compassion when she silently cried with pain from useless injections?”

You getting the picture yet? Foret is a crook. A heartless low life who got off way too easy!”

(Debra A Perry)

  *          *          *

“This man is, in my opinion, psychopath that likes to “play God” with his patients. He has maimed numerous people. Why? Because he could. Who wouldn’t trust a prestigious doctor? Good thing he was so greedy fleecing insurance companies and got caught so he cant hurt anyone else.”


      *          *          *  

“Hi! I’ve beеn fοllowing your web-log for a long time noѡ and finally ɡot the courage to go ahead and ǥive you a shout-օut frοm Porter Texas!

Just ԝanted tо saү keeρ up the fantastic աork!”

(Janie Forbes)

    *          *          *  

“I like reading medical articles that make men and women think.
Thank you for allowing for me to comment!”  

(Edith Huddleston)

       *          *          *  

“I was a patient of Frank Santangelo. It seemed every time I went there he would order blood work. Several times I told him I was not fasting and not to run a lipid panel. he still ran it. Also he always ran an h. pylori which came back negative. Well, shortly after that, I had a GI bleed with a perforated ulcer and was positive for h. pylori. I wonder if the tests were even run. Maybe they just chose any result they wanted to. I wonder.”

(Lynn Doe)

*          *          *

“Simply want to say your article’s are astonishing. Thanks a million and please keep on letting everybody know the weirdness in medicine.”

(Simone Easterling)

*          *          *

“I always spend my half an hour to read this webpage’s articles all the time along with a mug of coffee.”

(Jess Shafer)

*          *          *

“Doctor John Ott abused me by promising that he would pay for my education, which he did. But since then he left me with memories I cannot erase. What about the crimes he committed against me? Why is there no justice?I lived with this doctor for four years in Sori where he worked. Every night he wanted me to sleep with him in his room. One day I declined and from that day on, he said he never loved me anyway, and he stopped giving me money. But he still kept sleeping with my male classmates in his room every night. I was a kid. We were all kids. I cry for justice in American courts.”

(Sammy Ochieng)

*          *          *

“I love this website, but I think you should stop calling these docs all “lunatics” & “dumb”. Those who commit felony-level Medicare fraud for years are pretty intelligent, but morally bankrupt, and their number is increasing-at least in California. I get the daily hot sheet from the Medical Board of California. I am astonished that while in prison, these MD licenses are merely suspended, not revoked.”


*          *          *

“Public citizen has estimated that 15% of docs commit 85% of the malpractice. Health reform and “tort reform”. Funny, exactly, how they won’t just clean up their profession. They don’t seem to get that it not only benefits patients but all docs when they get rid of the bad apples.”

(Lee J Caroll)

*          *          *

“Wow, that’s all I can say. Wow.”


*          *          *


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