Another Day; Another Mid-Eastern Doctor Convicted of Sexual Assaults


“During the third appointment, the victim told police that Sabry told her he was going to give her a ‘special pressure point’ treatment he only gives to patients he trusts.”

Dr Fady Sabry

Dr Fady Sabry

In the city of Yakima Washington a physician arrested on multiple allegations of rape in 2013 was found guilty this week of sexually assaulting female patients during physical exams.

Doctor Fady Sabry, a 65-year-old Egyptian, had been out on a $1,000,000 bail after the charges set in Yakima County Superior Court.

Sabry had been employed for many years and working at Central Washington Internal Medicine Clinic, operated by Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center. He was suspended in 2013 pending the outcome of the case, according to hospital spokeswoman Debra Yergen.

According to the court record, a total of three victims contacted police with similar stories.

Makes us proud to be an American

Makes us proud to be an American

One of the patients – a former employee of the clinic – had three appointments with Sabry for back pain. It was during the third appointment, the victim told police, that Sabry told her he was going to give her a “special pressure point” treatment he only gives to patients he trusts.

Following his instructions and believing it was part of the treatment, the victim removed her underwear and Sabry manipulated her vaginally with his fingers.

Following the incident, the medical assistant said she was repeatedly sexually harassed by Sabry while at work in the clinic. Prosecutors said the victim also provided details of suspicious behavior by Sabry toward other patients.

Another former employee came forward and told police she had seen Sabry for neck pain in 2013. She reported that Sabry instructed her to take off her underwear. He then manipulated her inner thighs and touched her pelvic area while administering a “special treatment” that he asked her not to tell anyone about.

The woman said the same behavior occurred during a second appointment two weeks later. She told police this time that Sabry removed her bra and underwear himself.

The complaints, which were similar to those brought forth by the first patient, resulted in the first charge of second-degree rape against Sabry. Police believed Sabry assaulted the first woman in late August, 2013, during a pelvic exam, which he has admitted had no medical purpose.

In cooperation with police, the victim secretly recorded a follow-up appointment, during which she confronted Sabry about what had happened.

As was documented in court, Sabry was heard making numerous “incriminating admissions,” which confirmed the patient’s account and told her she should “forget the incident.”

In exchange for pleading guilty, the doctor’s charges were reduced to third degree Assault and “Sexual Liberties.” He is scheduled to be sentenced in May and must register as a Sexual predator in the State of Washington.

Here’s more:–224736092.html

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6 thoughts on “Another Day; Another Mid-Eastern Doctor Convicted of Sexual Assaults

  1. Ron Slade Sr. says:

    We are a nation with several cherished myths, among them being the false idea that all men are created equal and all cultures are equally deserving of respect.
    Culture in the Middle East embodies, revenge killings, honor killings, sexual mutilation of women, treating women as chattel, stoning and dismemberment, and a host of other atrocities.
    These people are living in the 7th century and have the greatest incidence of birth defects in the world due to inbreeding. If we allow people with such values to live among us, it is we who are to blame.

  2. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Patrick, this is just the a sliver of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to physician sexual misconduct. I have thousands and thousands of such cases on file. Contact me if you’d like: doctor dot watchdog at yahoo dot com

  3. S.A. native says:

    Patrick, Here’s an example of a doctor getting a pass from the court: Keep up the good work! Charles

    Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2015 07:13:44 +0000 To:

  4. F.Makhail says:

    I know this doctor very well, I believe he didn’t this crime he is a christian … praying daily & very near from GOD, he is living with his wife and loves her more than his life, this story created by by 3 Mexican women to collect money from him they didn’t think that they are destroy his life… he is not guilty

    • “He is a Christian . . .”
      So was Doctor Martin MacNeill.

      . . . Praying daily & very near from GOD. He is living with his wife and loves her more than his life.”

      So was Osama bin Laden.

    • Melody says:

      F.Makhail –

      Then you don’t know shady Fady Sabry as well as you think you do.

      Not only did he commit these crimes, he also committed the crime of neglect which contributed to an early death of one of his patients that he wasn’t attracted to so he did everything in his power to avoid treating her as well as renewing her vital prescriptions.

      You guys keep on sticking together & try sticking to your stories. The truth is the evidence was presented strongly enough to get a conviction now, wasn’t it? And of all people to be throwing around bigoted, racial slurs, you have some nerve. These acts of sexual misconduct that Sabry pulled are yet another form of terrorism because that is what rape is. Shame on you for defending it. That puts you right at his level!

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