“Paramedic Heretic” Book Trailer Now Seen on 5 TV Networks

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Illinois Physician Admits Guilt in Child Porn Case

Dr Edward J. McMenamin

Dr Edward J. McMenamin

In an elegant little village called Downers Grove a doctor originally arrested on multiple charges of child pornography has confessed his guilt in the DuPage County Courthouse. Judge Liam Brennan accepted the MD’s plea last Tuesday.

Doctor Edward J. McMenamin, age 68, was initially charged with 17 counts of possessing and mailing illicit juvenile images when he was taken into custody last May outside his home. He was held pending $500,000 bail.

According to the court record, law enforcement first learned of the wayward doctor’s despicable behavior in 2013, when they were advised by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that someone in Downers Grove was known to be sending and receiving videos of child sexual acts via the internet.

McMenamin, who had treated patients for more than 30 years in the community, was the Family Practice Chairman at Good Samaritan Hospital and was associated with Advocate Health Care.

Illinois State Attorney Robert Berlin said this after the trial:

“The truth is, every image and video that this doctor had in his possession represents an innocent victim. These young victims have had their innocence stolen from them, just to satisfy the revolting desires of sexual deviants.”

The doctor’s medical license has been suspended by the state and his employment was terminated by Advocate Health Care.

McMenamin is scheduled for sentencing on May 11. He faces 6-30 years in state prison.

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“Paramedic Heretic” Book Trailer Now Seen on 4 Major Networks

Take a look at our 62-second book commercial, now seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News:

“What happens when a 30-year veteran rescuer turns his stethoscope onto the medical profession? What does the heartbeat of the EMS world sound like?”


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“Gee Doc: Hands Off The G-Spots”

Dr Kurt Froehlich

Doctor Kurt Froehlich

“The medical board considered his 2013 “no contest” plea to sexually assaulting a medical assistant. The woman testified that Froehlich slipped his hand under her shirt and groped her breast one night in his office. He also tried to put his hand down her pants.”


A Cincinnati OB/Gyn has been stripped of his medical license for getting a little too randy with lady patients’ genitals.

According to the Ohio State Medical Board, Doctor Kurt W. Froehlich, age 48, has testified that he engaged in sexual relations with two patients who were also employees at Bethesda North Hospital, where he worked. He stated these inappropriate encounters occurred after he physically showed the women where their G-spots were, followed by sexual encounters with both.

After conducting an annual checkup, Froehlich told the medical board that “Patient #1” began asking questions about her G-spot. He said that he explained the location by drawing a picture, but that she then asked, “Can you show me where it is?” This resulted in Froehlich putting on gloves and physically showing her. Another encounter happened in a hospital bedroom.

Froehlich told the board that he had known “Patient #2” for about eight years before she became his patient. He said she too asked where her G-spot was during an exam. Although the two did not have intercourse, he later “saw her at the hospital and stimulated her to orgasm.”

When asked to explain his actions, Froehlich responded that he was under stress due to changes in his life that he could not control. He also testified that he had been on a diet for two months; that one of the side effects of the HCG diet is an elevation of testosterone, which can affect behavior.

Froehlich admitted that the sexual encounters with patients were “inappropriate.” He also recognized that he had been in a “position of authority,” because the patients were working in the delivery area of the hospital with him.

The now former doctor has a history of misbehavior.

In 2013 Froehlich sexually assaulted a medical assistant. He was found guilty and fined $250.

The year before that, he settled a wrongful death suit after a 30-year-old mother died while following an extreme diet he prescribed. The family held Froehlich liable, arguing that he failed to perform a thorough initial evaluation and did not conduct any “medical surveillance” while the woman was on the diet. The suit was settled out of court for an unknown amount.

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Our Observations:

For those who believe the Ohio State Medical Board was too heavy-handed in pulling this doctor’s license – relax.

Frolicking Froehlich will be reissued another license – most likely in another state – in no time at all. He will then be back in the business of undressing women for money and the medical oversight group at his new hospital will do all in their power to prevent his new patients from learning of his predator past.

Trust us: we live in a nation that relicenses physicians after they have committed murder. Frisky Froehlich’s slaps on the wrist will result in no true downtime at all.

Stay tuned. We’ll let you know when he moves across state lines to . . . oh, we’re betting on Michigan.

(We thank “Doctor Watchdog” – Charles Weston – for bringing this story to our attention)

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Another Scam Busted: Another 24 Doctors Convicted


Makes us proud to be an American

Makes us proud to be an American

“Individual greed has no place in a treatment plan, and people seeking medical help deserve to know a doctor’s recommendations are based on professional expertise, not illicit profits.”

(Federal Prosecutor Paul Fishman)

In Newark New Jersey U.S. District Court a medical services salesman was convicted Tuesday in a doctor/laboratory kickback scheme that funneled $400,000 to a Parsippany blood lab.

Michael Zarrelli, age 48, changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ to charges of conspiracy and money laundering before Judge Stanley Chesler.

Zarrelli, of Berkeley Heights, is one of 36 criminals, including 24 physicians, convicted for their part in a $100 million bribery scheme with Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services.  Three of the more prominent thieves are:

Doctor Glenn R. Leslie of Ramsey, whose clinic is located in the town of Mahwah – he confessed to taking $5,000 a month over a 16-month period for referring patients to BLS

Doctor Claudio Dicovsky – a psychiatrist in Paterson – admitted taking $225,000 for referring patients to BLS

Doctor Angelo Calabrese – North Arlington – took $130,000

Zarrelli confessed in court that he joined with BLS president David Nicoll and others to pay cash to physicians. In return, they would send their patients’ blood samples exclusively to the Parsippany lab.

Former president of BLS – Scott Nicoll – also convicted, said “hundreds of doctors demanded bribes and kickbacks” as part of a $100,000,000 Medicare and insurance billing scheme.

What do you do with stolen insurance money? BLS President Scott Nicoll bought hot cars

What do you do with stolen insurance money? BLS President Scott Nicoll bought hot cars

The scam, believed to have started in early 2011 and have gone on for two years, involved Zarrelli recruiting doctors, who would refer their patients’ blood work to BLS for testing. BLS would then bill Medicare and private insurers for performing the tests.

Zarrelli, who could get a 25-year federal prison sentence faces a $750,000 fine.

According to the prosecution, many of the criminal doctors brought in even more illegal money by ordering more expensive blood tests than were necessary. The lab rewarded them for their fraudulent health care.

Investigators discovered the medical and financial records when they raided BLS, which documented the thefts and proved the conspiracy.

Zarrelli, who could get a 25-year federal prison sentence faces a $750,000 fine.

Here’s another look at this case:


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UCLA ‘Superbug’ Continues to Haunt Patients in Yet Another Hospital

 Chapter 6 of this book details the jaw-dropping subject of hospital complications

Chapter 6 of this book details the jaw-dropping subject of hospital complications

The lethal micro-organisms known to have caused the ugly ‘Superbug’ outbreak at UCLA Medical Center in February, have now been linked to four more patients at yet another hospital. According to hospital officials yesterday, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – also in Los Angeles – has identified still more people who have been infected.

Cedars-Sinai administration reports its staff is contacting at least 70 other patients – specifically, those who underwent endoscopic procedures over the last 6 months. They believe these patients may have also been infected with the deadly bacteria carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae – referred to as CRE.

The specific piece of medical equipment now known to have caused the outbreak – called a duodenoscope – has been identified and is no longer being used. In addition, better sterilization protocols have since been implemented on all scopes used in the hospitals, according to a press release.

At UCLA – the site of the first outbreak – seven patients were infected by the unclean duodenoscope, and two were killed. UCLA immediately contacted 170 other patients they suspected were at risk.

According to the FDA, the agency that approves medical equipment, these scopes are particularly difficult to clean. But disallowing their use, they state, would put even more patients at risk, because they allow for “life-saving procedures.”

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