Would a Drugged-out Doctor Kleptomaniac Get to Keep a Medical License? But of Course!

Dr Lisa N. Freedman

Dr Lisa N. Freedman

In the Syracuse New York area the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct has finally gotten around to disciplining a physician who police believe has been repeatedly committing petty theft over the last 25  years. Investigators suspect the doctor has stolen from at least four different stores.

According to a law enforcement press release, Doctor Lisa N. Freedman, an OB/Gyn specialist in East Syracuse, has been fined $5,000 for professional misconduct – but not because she appears to be a one-woman crime spree whenever she visits a store. It’s because the Board learned she was prescribing drugs for other people and then popping the pills herself.

The State Board reports that Freedman, age 53, wrote scam prescriptions for family members over a four-year span beginning in September 2009.  She also violated the law by not maintaining medical records on these so-called “patients.” She has been found negligent on more than one occasion and fraudulently practicing medicine.

In an entirely separate criminal case, Freedman will be in court in March to answer to a charge of theft in the city of Dewitt. According to the Dewitt Police Department, this manic MD was caught stealing from Wegman’s supermarket last June. She was arrested at the store by DeWitt police after she was witnessed stealing lipstick, magazines, soap, cosmetics, spices and candy worth several hundred dollars.

Records indicate this latest incident is the eighth time since 1990 Freedman has been charged with stealing from stores in the Syracuse area, Previous incidents happened at Walmart; the Towne Center Mall in Manlius; and yet another Wegmans in the city of Liverpool.

Michael Ringwood, Freedman’s attorney, states the doctor has been charged with petty theft more than once but was never convicted.

Under New York State law, a medically unrelated criminal conviction can result in a charge of professional misconduct. But an arrest alone is not considered misconduct.

As part of her official sanctions, the following penalties have been determined:

  • The doctor may not prescribe narcotics to herself or family members
  • She may not drink alcohol
  • She is subject to unannounced drug and alcohol tests
  • She must actively be involved in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • She may not treat patients unless she is supervised by a sobriety monitor and a therapist

Here’s another view of this lab coat lunatic:



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