Calling Doctor Fire-starter: Your Jail Cell is Waiting

Dr Leopold Weinstein

Dr Leopold Weinstein

A Southern California dentist was arrested last week on three charges of Arson. Apparently he figured the best way to get more business was to burn down the competition.

According to the Sheriff’s Department in Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles, Doctor Leopold Weinstein, age 63, was taken into custody on suspicion of setting multiple fires at dental offices in the city of Camarillo. The offices were owned and operated by other dentists.

Investigators state the case began last June, when suspicious flammable chemicals were discovered on the roof of a dental clinic. Within two weeks another dentist’s office was set on fire. When the daffy doc actually returned to the scene of the first crime, he was caught on camera setting fire to the building.


According to Arson Investigator Michael Rompal, Weinstein became the primary suspect when police learned that his car was seen near one of the offices at an unusual time. An unnamed witness used his cell phone to snap a picture of the license plate and sent it to police. That vehicle was identical to those identified at the other arson locations.

Weinstein now sits in Ventura County Jail, awaiting his court date next week.

Until his arrest Weinstein operated Spanish Hills Dental Group in Camarillo.

Here’s more on this lab coat lunatic:


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Our Observation:

According to his rather polished website, this nutcase supports numerous community programs, including the Ventura County Firefighters’ Association.

We can’t think of a better way to support firefighters than to sneak around town at night setting fires.

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