Doctor Bites Security Guard at Beach Resort. Yeah, He Really Did.

Dr Robert Lewis Pugh

Dr Robert Lewis Pugh

In South Carolina an MD was jailed this week and charged with Assault at the Sand Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach.

Doctor Robert L. Pugh was taken away after attacking a security guard at the resort, Myrtle Beach police say. The security officer reported that he was called to the hotel bar where Pugh was acting loud and aggressive.  And when he tried to detain him at the elevator the intoxicated doctor became combative.

After his arrest at the police station, Pugh admitted that he bit the security guard while he was being handcuffed. He said the guard touched his “private parts.”

When Pugh, age 53, isn’t acting like a third-grader in a sandbox, he works as a specialist at Palmetto Internal Medicine in the town of Murrells Inlet. He was transported to the Myrtle Beach city jail.

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Our Observation:

This Daffy doc is a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine.

Stay classy, Pugh. Don’t let your last name stink up your attitude.

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