Another “Doctor Craigslist” Nabbed as a Sexual Predator

Dr Brian Mitchell Lee

Dr Brian Mitchell Lee

In the Pensacola Florida area a physician was found guilty last week of traveling to meet a minor to engage in a sexual relationship.

The criminal case unfolded  last year when Doctor Brian Mitchell Lee, age 43 at the time, was tracked by detectives, who happened to be monitoring the MD’s Craigslist ad, which sought sex with “younger fit men.”  From late December 2013, through early January 2014, the wayward doctor engaged in sexually-explicit email exchanges with police, whom he believed to be a 14-year-old boy. On January 2, 2014, Lee went to a local bowling alley for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct with the “teenage boy.” Lee was arrested upon his arrival by detectives with the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce.

Escambia County Circuit Judge Terry Terrell also found Lee guilty of using a computer to solicit a child.

The doctor will be sentenced on February 23 and registered as a sexual predator.

Here is an earlier article regarding this case:

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