And You Wonder Why Paramedics Call Them “Third World Assassins”?

Dr Ehab Mohammed and patient Sharon Nicholson, now dead

Patient Sharon Carpenter Nicholson and Dr Ehab Mohamed, who killed her

In the city of Los Angeles another foreign-born physician has been convicted of “accidentally” killing a patient.

Doctor Ehab Mohamed, a 49-year-old OB/Gyn specialist who dabbled in cosmetic surgery just enough to be totally dangerous, was found guilty in the death of patient Sharon Carpenter Nicholson four years ago, when she died on the operating table during an all-day liposuction procedure in the doctor’s office.

According to the testimony of LAPD homicide detective Joel Price, this was the worst case of medical malpractice he had ever seen.

“I have not – in more than 30 years in law enforcement – ever seen anything like this.” As lead investigator in the case against the incompetent MD, Price testified that, “this doctor did not even have basic life support equipment where such a serious operation was going on.”

According to court records, L.A. Fire Department paramedics pronounced Ms. Nicholson dead at 12:50 a.m., but Mohamed, in a panic, refused to accept her death and continued trying to save her for another 35 minutes. The coroner’s office determined that her death was caused by “lidocaine, Fentanyl and oxycodone toxicity.”

Doctor Mohamed, who faces a 5-year state prison term, was also found guilty in an unrelated Elder Abuse case.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in the first week of February.

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Here is the California State Medical Board assessment of this case:

And here is an earlier story:

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Our Observations:

This particular lab coat lunatic is an Egyptian national who attended Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine. He graduated in 1990; emigrated to the U.S. and within a decade started his string of criminal behavior. Consider this:

Doctor Ehab Aly Mohamed called himself a “cosmetic surgeon” when in fact he has no formal training in cosmetic or plastic surgery. No medical board has ever certified him.

He was found guilty in the 2010 death of a liposuction patient. He has also been accused of charging outrageous prices for procedures, with some costing up to $650,000. He is believed to have sedated patients and then had them agree to additional surgical procedures. He is charged with forgery; false advertising; lying to patients about his operations being a part of a “Harvard Study” and illegally buying and selling medical equipment. He once botched a hernia repair that he performed on himself and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

As with other “bad doctor” cases, fellow surgeons had warned the medical board of Mohamed’s behavior. After 10 years of garbage healthcare, the state Medical Board finally decided to act.

God save us all from these greed-driven, lets-rob-America-blind, totally unsupervised clinical cretins.

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3 thoughts on “And You Wonder Why Paramedics Call Them “Third World Assassins”?

  1. Where is the link to the homicide conviction? I’m only finding Grand Theft convictions. And the Medical Board docs don’t seem to mention DEATH.

  2. This is another example of how bad doctors are addressed, but not by state medical boards. If anything, this case highlights the need for non-medical board agencies to regulate medical care.

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