Would an MD Sexually Assault a Child? Oh, It Happens Every Day . . .

Dr Kelly B Thrasher

Dr Kelly B Thrasher

In the city of Sandy Springs Georgia a physician has confessed in DeKalb County Superior Court to sexually molesting a little girl.

According to a district attorney press release, Doctor Kelly B Thrasher, age 41, admitted to assaulting the 7-year-old friend of his daughter during a sleep-over at their home in November, 2012.

Detective Sandy Rose with Sandy Springs Police read a statement on behalf of the victim’s family:

“Our daughter was only seven years old when she was assaulted by this doctor,” said Rose. “She was a sweet and innocent little girl. He took her innocence and instilled fear.”

The girl’s family said their daughters attended ballet lessons together and their little girl loved the Thrasher family, including the doctor.

In the statement, they said she will never fully trust people again and she will always be afraid of doctors.

Thrasher, an internal medicine specialist, was also charged with raping a 30-year-old woman in a separate incident, but that case was dropped as part of his plea deal.

The DeKalb County court judge then sentenced this particular lab coat lunatic to 25 years in state prison.

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One thought on “Would an MD Sexually Assault a Child? Oh, It Happens Every Day . . .

  1. Charles says:

    All sorts of sexual misconduct by male physicians happens at a rate far greater that most people are aware of or willing to admit, and at a rate far greater than the general male population.

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