Two More Middle Eastern Doctor-Criminals Locked Away


Dr Mansour Sanjar

Dr Mansour Sanjar

Dr Cyrus Sajadi

Dr Cyrus Sajadi

In Houston Texas a pair of psychiatrists who operated a so-called “mental health clinic” have been sentenced to 10-year and 12-year federal prison terms, for stealing nearly $100,000,000 in a Medicare fraud scam.

Doctor Mansour Sanjar, age 81, and Doctor Cyrus Sajadi, age 67,  co-owners of a clinic called Spectrum Care P.A, were both found guilty of massive insurance billing theft, following a jury trial last March. Specifically, their crimes were Conspiracy to commit health care fraud; Conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks, and other related charges of health care fraud

According to trial records, Sanjar and Sajadi organized and executed an elaborate scam to defraud Medicare from 2006-2011. The pair was arrested in December 2011.  Sanjar and Sajadi owned Spectrum, which supposedly provided what is called ‘partial hospitalization program’ services.  A PHP is a form of outpatient treatment for severe mental illness.  But in fact the Medicare patients for whom Spectrum billed Medicare did not qualify for, nor need, the services. Investigators learned that many of the so-called “patients” were paid cash to come to the facility. And when the arrived, they watched television and were served fast food.

Prosecutors showed that Sanjar and Sajadi routinely paid kickbacks to nursing home operators and patient recruiters too, in exchange for delivering hundreds of ineligible Medicare “patients” to Spectrum. 

Here is the original story:

*          *          *

This case was investigated by the FBI, HHS-OIG; Texas MFCU; RRB-OIG and OPM-OIG and was brought as part of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, supervised by the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas.  The case was prosecuted by Assistant Chief Laura Cordova, Senior Trial Attorney Jonathan T. Baum and Trial Attorney William S.W. Chang.

We sincerely thank these professional investigators for protecting the taxpayers of this nation.

Our Observations:

Doctor Mansour Sanjar is an émigré from Iran and graduated from Teheran University / Faculty of Medicine.

Doctor Cyrus Sajadi is also an Iranian national. He graduated from medical school at Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.

Once these two settled into the comfort of south Texas, they concocted their scam to rob the American insurance system blind, as many hundreds of foreign-born physicians have done.

Had this particular pair not gotten so greedy, they likely would have gotten away with their monstrous theft.

Thus, we add two more Third World Assassins for the wall of shame at the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Pity. In this era of ‘health care reform’, we just don’t seem to be learning much at all about doctors’ penchant for high crime, do we?



3 thoughts on “Two More Middle Eastern Doctor-Criminals Locked Away

  1. armen says:

    here is a list of NONE foreign born Doctors convicted of fraud past three Months.

  2. The damage these so called doctors did affected more than just people. One of the hospital buildings they operated as a mental hospital in Baytown, Texas is being demolished due to their greed.
    The lack of maintenance started while they were in charge cost the people of Baytown, Texas a hospital building.

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