“Paramedic Heretic” Now Published and Available

“Paramedic Heretic” Now Published and Available.


“Paramedic Heretic” Now Published and Available

We would like to invite our readers to order a copy of our most recent book. It just might save your life, or the life of someone you care about.


“Make no mistake. Much of what goes on within the monastic halls of medicine is brainsick beyond belief. And at some point – should you harbor even an inkling of ethics – you step outside yourself. You try to drive a stake through the heart of the camorra. You tell the truth.”

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So please order a copy today. Then let us know what you think. The “Paramedic Heretic” website should be up & running within a week. It is of course available via Amazon Books, as well as Barnes & Noble. Thank you all for being such loyal readers of our site over the past 4 years. Have a terrific – and safe – new year.

Patrick McDonald

Rapist-MD Doesn’t Like Prison; Appeals His Conviction

Dr Charles H Nguyen

Dr Charles H Nguyen

A Philadelphia physician found guilty of sexual assault five years ago in Ohio, is once again appealing the decision that sent him to prison. An attorney for Doctor Charles H. Nguyen, age 36, filed notice of appeal in Athens County Common Pleas Court, which is a legal procedure to ask the court to review the previous decisions.

Nguyen was sentenced to a 30-year prison term after convictions of rape, kidnapping, aggravated burglary and evidence tampering. According to the court record, he attacked a 29 year-old Athens Ohio woman while visiting her after they had met online.

The prosecutors were able to prove that, during the visit, Nguyen tied the woman’s wrists and ankles with rope, raped her and threatened to kill a member of her family.

Nguyen has filed numerous appeals but none have succeeded.

In the one matter of appeal, the court was asked to review one aspect of the case to decide if two charges in the case should have been merged as a single felony.

“This doctor deserves every day of the 30 years in prison that he was sentenced to by Judge Holzapfel,” said Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn, in a news release at the time of the resentencing.

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Historical Hysterics: Here’s a Daffy Doc Whose Idiocy Bears Repeating

(Take a peek at this terrific work by someone we consider a Health Care Hero)

The Shameful Story of a Drug Dealing Doctor, a Dog’s X-ray, and the Medical Board of California

Dr Patricia Salber Hosts the Program "The Doctor Weighs In"

Dr Patricia Salber
Hosts the website “The Doctor Weighs In”

We could not say it much better, so we won’t even try. The take away here is that you – healthcare’s ultimate consumer – can rest assured there are folks out here advising you to pay better attention to your medical providers. You just have to listen. And Patrician Salber, MD is one.

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