Maryland Medical Board Licensed Rapist-doctor

Report: “Officials had information about a doctor’s rape conviction and yet did nothing with it.”

Dr William Dando

Dr William Dando

he Maryland Board of Physicians has been severely criticized by the Inspector General of the State Department of Health. In his report released today, Thomas V. Russell, states that members of the Board “put patient lives at risk” by issuing a medical license to a physician who had served 3 years in prison for raping a woman at gunpoint. 

Doctor William Thomas Dando, age 60, was stripped of his medical license in September when authorities learned that he had sexually assaulted yet another woman patient at a clinic last April.

In his report, Russell reveals that the Board of Physicians was well aware that Dando was a diagnosed alcoholic when they issued him a medical license in 1996. The Board also knew that Dando had been convicted of a felony assault in1987 when they okayed him to treat patients.

The Board accepted Dando’s explanation that he was guilty of a simple assault while under the influence. They saw no need to investigate what they already knew from the Georgia State Board of Physicians, detailing Dando’s arrest in Florida.

This manic doctor, one-man crime wave also faces a lawsuit by another woman patient, who reported to police she too was attacked at the same clinic last year. And an entirely different lawsuit alleges that he caused the death of a Baltimore County woman, who died of a prescription drug overdose in 2010.

The Inspector General’s report also detailed two other doctor cases, who were issued Maryland medical licenses after they lied on their applications about criminal backgrounds.

Here’s another view of this story:


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