Doctors Stepping into Deep Doo-doo. It Happens 50 Times a Week


Dr Shoichi Okada

Dr Shoichi Okada

In the city of St. Louis a physician on staff at St. Louis Children’s Hospital was arrested last week on a federal warrant of Child Pornography Possession.

Doctor Shoichi Okada of Richmond Heights, is a surgical resident at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  According to the police reports detectives searched his home on November 3, following an online investigation, which revealed child pornography. Following the search, investigators interviewed Okada, who confessed to downloading graphic sexual images of children for about one year.

Okada, age 30, was charged with a Felony November 4,  and was indicted in U.S. District Court.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital spokesman Nick McLaren told reporters that the doctor was now on administrative leave and would be allowed no patient contact.

A check into the Missouri Division of Professional Regulation shows no previous criminal behavior.

A spokeswoman for the John Cochran VA Medical Center reports that Okada had worked at the VA, but not since the end of 2013.

Here is another view of this case:

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Our Observations:

Shoichi Okada is a graduate of Case Western University School Of Medicine.

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One thought on “Doctors Stepping into Deep Doo-doo. It Happens 50 Times a Week

  1. TE says:

    This is what surgery residents at Barnes Jewish Hospital do with their 80 hour work week.

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