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Author K. Patrick McDonald Shares Some Rather Surprising Findings of Doctor Misbehavior in America, on Jacqueline Marcell’s “Coping with Caregiving” Radio Program


November 10, 2009 – K. Patrick McDonald, researcher and author of, “America’s Dumbest Doctors: Ever Wonder about Yours?” will be interviewed on the “Coping with Caregiving” internet radio show, on Saturday, November 14. McDonald’s study includes such revelations that 237,000 physicians have been considered either “Dangerous” or “Questionable” by the Health Research Group, over the past 25 years.

“Coping with Caregiving” can be heard live from 3-4:00 pm Pacific Time (6-7:00 Eastern Time) each Saturday. This unique program features four guests – one in each of four segments. McDonald’s interview is scheduled for the 3:00 pm Pacific Time slot, during segment #1.

To listen to this author’s unique perspective, simply click here:

McDonald’s focus on the subject of aberrant doctors began in the late 1970’s when – as a young pre-med student – he was profoundly influenced by the murder conviction of one of his school’s most popular instructors, former Army Captain Doctor Jeffrey MacDonald. MacDonald was found guilty in the stabbing deaths of his wife and two young daughters.

Over three decades, the author became evermore aware that strange conduct among physicians appeared to rival any other American profession. Not all the absurdity was murderous, of course, nor even criminal. A considerable amount was simply bizarre. Such was the genesis of America’s Dumbest Doctors – an edgy assessment of literally thousands of medical miscreants, from the hilarious to the tragic.

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The host of the over seven-year-old popular program, Jacqueline Marcell, is an eldercare advocate, international speaker, and author of the best-selling book “Elder Rage”,

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The purpose of this post is to let readers know that our message is taken seriously by some pretty impressive folks out there. And Jacqueline Marcell is one of those people:

Jacqueline Marcell

Jacqueline Marcell

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