Wait a Minute. Did ANOTHER Doctor Try to Kill ANOTHER Doctor?


Dr Ana M Angulo

Dr Ana M Angulo


Doctor Ana Maria Angulo enters the court with attorney Derek Hollingsworth, for jury selection in her trial on a felony charge of Aggravated Assault last week. She was arrested in May 2013 on the belief she poisoned Doctor George Blumenschein.


In Houston District Court a jury of 5 men and 7 women have been selected to hear a state prosecutor’s case that doctor Ana Maria Angulo put poison in the coffee of her boyfriend.

Dr Ana Angulo

Dr Ana Angulo

Angulo, age 43, who is a breast cancer specialist at the  Anderson Cancer Center, is accused of poisoning Doctor Blumenschein, a cancer researcher who worked at the same hospital.

Jury selection process had been postponed for several days when prosecutors advised the court that they had in their possession secret telephone recordings, in which Angulo said that she has had people killed in the past.

District Judge Katherine Cabaniss accepted the defense request for postponement, in order to review the reported 6 hours of telephone calls that incriminate the doctor.

Dr George Blumenschein

Dr George Blumenschein

According to the prosecution, Angulo and Blumenschein were in “a casual sexual relationship” when they believe she gave him cups of coffee laced with chemicals on Jan. 27, 2013. They were at home at the time. Blumenschein suffered almost immediate kidney failure, but survived the poisoning. Detectives believe Blumenschein was poisoned with ethylene glycol, a common chemical in clinical laboratories that Angulo had access to. They arrested her five months after the incident. She is charged with Aggravated Assault of a family member.


Depending on the judge’s ruling regarding the secret tapes, the jury may or may not be allowed to hear Angulo’s telephone statements about previous murders.

Here is another view of this bizarre case:


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Our Observations:

Ana Maria Angulo emigrated to the United States after graduating from the University of Cauca, Division of Health Science in Colombia. Even though her apparent victim did not die, the daffy doctor still makes our list of Third World Assassins if she is found guilty.

Incidentally, Angulo’s home country’s largest export? Coffee.

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