Immigrant Doctor Fraud Case. You’ll Forgive Our Shocked Face, Right ?

Dr Adnan A Ashkar

Dr Adnan A Ashkar

In Leavenworth Kansas still another doctor joins the bloated list of physicians nationwide convicted of stealing from a federal government insurance program.

The State of Kansas Attorney General’s Office announced this week that Doctor Adnan A. Ashkar, has admitted in Leavenworth County District Court that he committed 6 Felonies – namely, defrauding the Medicaid insurance program by billing for services he did not perform and then faking patients’ medical records to make it appear his treatments actually happened.

Ashkar, who is 71, was ordered to immediately pay $12,000 in restitution to Medicaid. He is also banned from future participation in Medicaid.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Kansas Attorney General Stefani Hepford. During the trial she was able to prove that Ashkar had been stealing money from the insurance program for at least a 5-year period, which state investigators believe started in early 2009.

The wayward MD, who specialized in obstetrics and gynecology, is scheduled to be sentenced late next month.

Here’s another view of this medical miscreant:

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Our Observations:

Before his life of crime in the U.S. Ashkar MD lived in Iraq, where he attended and eventually graduated from the University of Baghdad College of Medicine.

Any chance this lab coat loon will be deported? Of course not. The U.S. does not deport criminal physicians.

We reward them with relicensure and then do all in our power to hide their crimes from future, unwitting patients.


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