Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, They Take Bad MDs a Bit More Seriously . . .

Dr Indika S. Balasuriya

Dr Indika S. Balasuriya

In the city of Negombo a physician found guilty of Rape and Murder of a young woman was sentenced to death this week by a High Court judge.

The prosecution was able to prove that Doctor Indika S. Balasuriya, a surgeon at Negombo Hospital did in fact murder 22-year old Chamila Dissanayake on November 12, 2007, by pushing her off the 6th floor of the hospital building.

Three hospital staff members, as well as a Medical Officer of Ragama Teaching Hospital, testified during the trial last year. The victim Chamila had visited the hospital for treatment of a cyst in one of her breasts.

Police Inspector Pradeep Siriwardana, who conducted the investigation, testified that among the evidence found in the convicted doctor’s room were multiple brands of aphrodisiacs.

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