Historical Hysterics: The Strange Case of a Doctor Wing Ding Lung

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

(One year ago this week)

Here in the Twilight Zone of medicine the criminal lineup of daffy docs runs far and it runs deep. In fact, it runs clear off the chart – well over 50,000 since we started counting in 1985. But for flat-out, loony-tune behavior, few are any stranger than the case of a wing nut named Roy Chi Wing Lung.

And let us guess – you’re  thinking we made that name up?

Roy Chi Wing Lung MD, age 46, of Los Alamitos, California, finally admitted in court last summer that he routinely stole surgical items from Fountain Valley Hospital.  He confessed to sneaking into the hospital; putting on surgical scrubs and even wearing a wig to get past security, who were already on the lookout for him. He had, shall we say, a bit of a reputation.

Take a peak at the  background on this fruitcake:

>  1989 –  he earned a B.S. degree in Bioengineering at UCLA.

>  1993 – he graduated from the University of Texas Medical School.

>  2003 – California State Medical Board suspended his license after 2 of his patients died in an ER due to poor patient care.

>  2004 – He pleaded “no contest” to stealing two Long Beach Memorial’s computers and another doctor’s parking sticker. For that he served a whopping 4 days in jail; 200 hours of community service and repaid the hospital $5,000.

>  2007 – At Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, he tried passing himself off as a legitimate MD, wearing surgical scrubs and calling himself  “Dr. Lin.” A nurse testified that his pockets were “bulging” and he looked as though he had stolen medical supplies.

> 2008 – He returned to Orange Coast Memorial, again in scrubs. When a hospital administrator confronted him, Lung called himself “Doctor Ray Lin.” When police arrived he told them he would routinely sleep in the doctor quarters; eat meals, take showers, watch television, used telephones and fax machines.

For how long? “10 years,” he answered.

> 2009 – Lung’s medical license was permanently revoked.

> 2010 –  He pleaded no contest to resisting a peace officer and obstructing a business, for the Orange Coast Memorial incident. He was given 3 years probation and ordered to do community service once again.

> 2013 – Lung had the nerve to return to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital wearing scrubs and a wig. He was immediately recognized by nurses; police were called and he was arrested.

On March 17 of this year, Lung pleaded guilty to a Felony Burglary and was sentenced to 2 years in state prison.

Here’s more:


(We thank investigative reporter Matt Coker for his terrific research)

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One thought on “Historical Hysterics: The Strange Case of a Doctor Wing Ding Lung

  1. permanentevigilante says:

    Another Lunatic with a great real name; Dr. Yahya Hedvat MD, Encino http://greenandassociates.blogspot.com/2014/08/investigations-continue-post-arrest-as.html

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