Wisconsin Surgeon Sent to Prison for . . . for? Wait for Our Shocked Face . . . Health Care Fraud!

Dr Cully R White

Dr Cully R White

A Milwaukee-area spine physician has changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” to federal health care fraud before Judge Lynn Adelman in U.S. District Court. He had been an owner of a clinic called Midwest Neuro Sciences Associates.  

Doctor Cully White, age 45, was sentenced to 6 months in jail; 6 months home confinement and recommended psychiatric assessment. He was also fined $60,000 and had his medical license revoked.

White was charged in May of last year with 14 counts of fraud. According to an indictment, from November 2010-October 2011,

“The greed of this man borders on the obscene,” stated Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Jacobs. He pointed out that White was bringing in $10,000,000 a year,  at least some of which was by submitting insurance claims for nerve procedures that were never performed.

“That is the type of fraud that needs real deterrence,” Jacobs said.

Before he was arrested, White was accused of four separate complaints filed with the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, who determined that in spite of his “questionable competence,” the wayward physician had been performing nearly 50 surgeries a month, far more than a typical surgeon in his specialty area.

White surrendered his medical license last year after complaints about substandard surgeries, which went back 10 years. His former partner, Doctor Arvind Ahuja, was convicted of tax fraud in 2012, after hiding $8,000,000 in a bank in India.

America. What a country.

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