Evil Empire Built on Patients’ Blood Finally Comes Tumbing down

Dr Frank J Santangelo

Dr Frank J Santangelo

“My goal is for you to bill out over $1,000,000 a month! It’s very possible!” Santangelo wrote to Nicoll earlier this year. Then, he’s quoted as saying, ”Me and (another physician) put our heads together and added a significant amount of testing …the testing is 90 percent legit.”

(Text message from Doctor Frank Santangelo to Biodiagnostic Lab President David Nicoll)*


A New Jersey doctor we previously reported on, who admitted taking nearly $2,000,000 in bribes from a Parsippany medical lab in exchange for referring millions of dollars of fraudulent patient business, frequently by ordering unnecessary blood tests, has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Doctor Frank Santangelo, age 44, had changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” last July, to charges of money-laundering and failure to file tax returns.

Santangelo, who operated medical offices in the cities of Montville and Wayne, New Jersey would have faced 25 years in prison had the case gone to trial.

The court record shows that the bribes were  one aspect of a moneymaking scheme run by Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services and its president, David Nicoll. By arranging fraudulent relationships with area doctors, investigators found Biodiagnostic Laboratory raked in $100,000,000 in illegal insurance payments from Medicare and various insurers during a 7-year span that started in 2006.

Last June, David Nicoll and six others admitted their guilt before U.S. District Judge Stanley Chesler in Newark. Nicoll, age 39, faces 17 years in prison and forfeits $50,000,000 million in ill-gotten gains.

* From the court record

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