Doctor: ‘Yes, I Killed Paul Beesley, Joyce Curnett, Christina Green, Lorra Hilton, Victoria Pretzer, SaShawn Saatian, Michelle Salazar and Jennifer Zimmerman’

Doctor William M. Valuck

Doctor William M. Valuck: “Yes, I killed them”

In Oklahoma City a physician was convicted this week on 8 charges of Second Degree Murder.

Doctor William M. Valuck, age 71, had changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” Wednesday before Judge Susan Johnson in Oklahoma County District Court to the killings. Judge Johnson then sentenced him – coincidentally – to  an eight-year prison term.

 Valuck, a former surgeon, was proven by prosecutors to have directly caused the deaths by over-prescribing narcotics to his patients.

Patients Michelle Salazar, Paul Beesley, Jennifer Zimmerman, Joyce Curnett, Christina Green, Lorra Hilton, Victoria Pretzer and SaShawn Saatian, all died as the result of prescription drug toxicity.

DEA agent Mary Surovec told the court that she witnessed entire carloads of so-called “patients” arrive at the Advanced Care Clinic where Valuck worked. Many reported they were issued Oxycodone hydrocodone and alprazolam.

Valuck showed no emotion throughout the proceedings and made no comment while being led to and from the courtroom.

In exchange for his admission, more than 5 dozen illegal drug distribution charges against the wayward physician were dropped

Prosecutors stated that because of Valuck’s poor health and advanced age, they offered a guilty plea arrangement, and the doctor agreed.

Here’s more:

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Our Observations:

One year in jail for each murder.

Think about that.

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