Pervert Physician Admits 2 Sexual Assaults – Gets Probation


Dr Rajat Prakash

Dr Rajat Prakash

It was in November 2011 when a young woman named Stacy Rowland was being treated for a flare-up of her multiple sclerosis at Chicago’s Advocate Christ Medical Center. Stacy’s doctor was Rajat Prakash.

As she lay in her hospital bed, she testified in court, the physician abruptly began touching her sexually, and forced her to touch him.

“He did terrible things. I just felt so violated,” Rowland stated.

Now, nearly three years later, Prakash, age 49, has admitted in court exactly what he did, not only to Stacy, but also to the attack of another woman. He confessed to luring another female patient into his SUV and sexually attacked her.

What kind of sentence would you estimate might be proper for two sexual assaults?

Well, Madman Prakesh will receive not one day in jail. He has been sentenced to one year probation and a fine by the court.

Do you think that this creep’s medical license ought to maybe be – oh, we don’t know – revoked by the state of Illinois?

Might a logical trier of fact expect this repeat predator should be deported?

Not a chance, friends. The United States of America does not deport immigrant criminal doctors.

To the contrary.

We keep them licensed, you see, so they can move away; cross a state line; get relicensed, and enjoy the full weight of government protection, so that their crimes won’t be discovered by their future patients.

Ever heard of the National Practitioner Data Bank? Probably not. They keep a pretty low profile. Their job is to keep track of physician histories – a jaw-dropping number of whom are listed under the headings “Dangerous” or “Questionable.”

Any idea how many doctors’ names can be found in the files at the NPDB?

It is highly unlikely you even have a clue, because their names and office locations are . . . well, a secret.

Healthcare isn’t about to tell you whether your doctor has a criminal background, or not. They absolutely won’t tell you how many doctors are listed on the wall of shame called the NPDB.

So we’ll tell you. As of December, 2013, the Data Bank held the names of 250,000 physicians. That’s a quarter-million doctors in 25 years. Go ahead. Do the math.

Now, how much of any of this insanity has ever been mentioned over the course of the brain-thudding debate called Obama Care?


The last thing healthcare in this country wants . . . is an educated public.

*          *          *

This freaky emigre attended Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University, India. He graduated in 1988; came to the U.S. and started a lucrative career of undressing women for money.

America. What a country.

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