Once Upon a Time a Daffy Doc had a BB Gun

“Okay . . . I did it.”

               Is YOUR doctor smarter than a 5th grader?

In the state of Indiana, a physician who told the court last year that he was “Not Guilty” of shooting his BB gun at another driver on the freeway, has changed his mind and admitted his guilt.

We suspect that was a wise choice, because had the case gone to trial, the jury would have seen a surprisingly clear video of the medical maniac doing just what he swore he didn’t do – all taken by the victim’s nifty cell phone camera.

Gotta love technology.

Doctor Perrin Dobyns, age 51, who lives in the Hoosier town of Corydon, stood before Madison Circuit Court Judge Jean C. Logue and confessed this week. The wayward doctor received 3 years of supervised probation and will be sent directly to prison if he violates the terms of the decision. Or so they say.

Dr Perrin Dobyns

Dr Perrin Dobyns, health care professional

According to investigators the other driver, David Kollar, reported to police that the incident started when he noticed another car driving recklessly on Interstate 75 in September of last year. Kollar used his cell phone video to catch Dobyns pointing a pistol at him as they drove along side each other at high speed.

Kollar was not injured but Dobyns was arrested at his place of employment in Branchville Indiana. And when the state Medical Board learned of the incident they pulled the doctor’s medical license and fined him $500.

In a public statement the Board announced  Dobyns was “unfit to practice due to professional incompetence. He continues to engage in a pattern of conduct which demonstrates an inability to exercise reasonable care and diligence, as is normally exercised by practitioners in the same or similar circumstances.”

Research shows that Dobyns MD has had a history of alcohol and drug abuse for at least 15 years, when he first got into trouble in Oklahoma in 2001. As so often is the case, the doctor simply moved to and was relicensed in another state – in this case Indiana – and continued on his merry way.

Because in the USA, when you are a doctor and you get into trouble you cross state lines and start over – just like Bonnie and Clyde, ya know?

When the Indiana State Medical Board began hearing of his errant behavior, he moved to North Carolina, but lost his license there, too. In the Fall of 2009, the state of Indiana decided – beyond all logic – to relicense this idiot yet again. But the DEA, which licenses physicians to prescribe drugs, was not so goofy – they denied his license to prescribe narcotics because they had ample evidence that he was prescribing drugs to himself.

But the appallingly poor judgment by authorities continued, because in an appeal, an administrative law judge allowed Dobyns to be granted a DEA registration to prescribe narcotics again.

Anyway, Judge Jean Logue ordered that this repeat offender must have no other violations of the law; must resolve his current license suspension or he may not work as a doctor (what a concept); and he must submit to random drug testing.

We’ll see how well this character stays out of trouble. Wanna bet we won’t run another story on this degreed twit within . . . oh, say two or three years?

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s another look at him:


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Our Observations:

The crime of Wanton Endangerment in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred, is a Felony that carries a penalty of 1-5 years.  Of course this doctor was not sentenced to even 1 day in jail, because in this country, no profession commits more crime and evades more discipline, than physicians.

In the U.S. beyond all measure of sanity, we tolerate authorities to enable doctors to keep stepping into deep doo-doo time after time – injuring, maiming, stealing from and killing, the citizenry.

And so they do.



Doctor Drug Dealers: an Unholy Matrimony




“Our evidence showed, for most patients, that Bhuthimethee did not operate a legitimate medical practice, but instead was engaged in a scheme to distribute controlled substances illegally, thereby defrauding health care benefit programs, namely, Illinois Medicaid, by running what was in essence a prescription service for drug addicts, commonly known as a ‘pill mill’.”

U. S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton


In East St. Louis an MD who pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges of healthcare fraud, has been sentenced to 1 year in prison.

Doctor Viwathna Bhuthimethe, age 68, had previously operated the Walk In Clinic, at 654 E. Broadway in the city of Alton.

According to U. S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton, Bhuthimethee was arrested on 15 charges, which included fraudulent billing of the Illinois State Medicaid program; and illegal drug sales of Xanax and Hydrocodone – specifically, he prescribed narcotics without legitimate medical reasons.

As an example, Bhuthimethee wrote prescriptions for 1,585 narcotic pain pills for two women in less than 18 months.

Witnesses testified that a long line of “patients”‘ cars would be waiting each morning, and on some days the line would stretch down the block.

The state medical board suspended Bhuthimethee’s medical license in the Fall of 2012, for “Violation of federal requirements for record-keeping and dispensing of controlled substances.”

This case was handled as a joint operation of the following agencies: Illinois State Police; Medicaid Fraud Control Bureau; Alton Police Department; the Department of Health and Human Services; the DEA; the FBI and the Illinois State Police.

*          *          *

Our Observations:

Drug dealer Bhuthimethee graduated from Chulalongkorn University / Faculty of Medicine in Bangkok Thailand in the early 1970’s. He then emigrated to the U.S. and was licensed by the state of Illinois in 1997.

Will this drug dealer and public tax money thief be deported after he is released from prison?

Of course not. The United States does not rid itself of criminal physicians.

We relicense them, and then hide their criminal past from their unsuspecting future patients.


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Historical Hysterics: The Strange Case of a Doctor Wing Ding Lung

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

Dr Roy Chi Wing Lung

(One year ago this week)

Here in the Twilight Zone of medicine the criminal lineup of daffy docs runs far and it runs deep. In fact, it runs clear off the chart – well over 50,000 since we started counting in 1985. But for flat-out, loony-tune behavior, few are any stranger than the case of a wing nut named Roy Chi Wing Lung.

And let us guess – you’re  thinking we made that name up?

Roy Chi Wing Lung MD, age 46, of Los Alamitos, California, finally admitted in court last summer that he routinely stole surgical items from Fountain Valley Hospital.  He confessed to sneaking into the hospital; putting on surgical scrubs and even wearing a wig to get past security, who were already on the lookout for him. He had, shall we say, a bit of a reputation.

Take a peak at the  background on this fruitcake:

>  1989 –  he earned a B.S. degree in Bioengineering at UCLA.

>  1993 – he graduated from the University of Texas Medical School.

>  2003 – California State Medical Board suspended his license after 2 of his patients died in an ER due to poor patient care.

>  2004 – He pleaded “no contest” to stealing two Long Beach Memorial’s computers and another doctor’s parking sticker. For that he served a whopping 4 days in jail; 200 hours of community service and repaid the hospital $5,000.

>  2007 – At Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, he tried passing himself off as a legitimate MD, wearing surgical scrubs and calling himself  “Dr. Lin.” A nurse testified that his pockets were “bulging” and he looked as though he had stolen medical supplies.

> 2008 – He returned to Orange Coast Memorial, again in scrubs. When a hospital administrator confronted him, Lung called himself “Doctor Ray Lin.” When police arrived he told them he would routinely sleep in the doctor quarters; eat meals, take showers, watch television, used telephones and fax machines.

For how long? “10 years,” he answered.

> 2009 – Lung’s medical license was permanently revoked.

> 2010 –  He pleaded no contest to resisting a peace officer and obstructing a business, for the Orange Coast Memorial incident. He was given 3 years probation and ordered to do community service once again.

> 2013 – Lung had the nerve to return to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital wearing scrubs and a wig. He was immediately recognized by nurses; police were called and he was arrested.

On March 17 of this year, Lung pleaded guilty to a Felony Burglary and was sentenced to 2 years in state prison.

Here’s more:


(We thank investigative reporter Matt Coker for his terrific research)

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California State Prison Psychiatrist to Join the Inmates

No doctors in this picture . . . yet

No doctors in this picture . . . yet

Former Salinas Valley State Prison psychiatrist faces a 3-year prison term for falsifying time cards.

Last March in Monterey County Superior Court a prison physician was convicted on Grand Theft charges – specifically, he was stealing money from the state prisoner insurance fund.

Doctor Pedro Eva, age 49, was in fact merely 1 of four criminal doctors who thought gaining a measure of wealth by robbing the state was a good idea. According to Prosecutor Doug Matheson, detectives secretly tracked the doctors’ hours by using GPS, cellphone records and rental car receipts. They quickly learned that some of the medical miscreants had over-billed the state by $200,000 in a 3-month period by claiming they were on prison grounds working when they were not.

Two of the lab coat loonies – Doctors Randy Sid and David Hoban – had already been found guilty.

According to investigators, Eva and the other low-life docs were falsifying bills for medical services rendered at Salinas Valley State Prison, which is located in Soledad, even when they were not there. It is believed they would routinely arrive a 7a.m. and leave after several hours – then bill the system for 10-hour days and $150-250 an hour.

Here’s a bit more:



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Runaway Rapist-Physician Captured in South America

Doctor Roger Abdelmassih was living in luxury in the Paraguay capital

Dr Roger Abdelmassih

Dr Roger Abdelmassih

In the city of Asuncion Paraguay, investigators have arrested a fugitive physician who had been found guilty of raping 39 patients.

Prior to his arrest Doctor Roger Abdelmassih, age 70, was a well-known fertility specialist in Sao Paulo Brazil. He had been on the run since 2011, after being sentenced to 278 years in prison for assaulting women in the treatment rooms of his fertility clinic.

The doctor was originally arrested in 2009 and convicted in 2010, after a former clinic employee went to police as a witness. Before the trial was over, 39 different women testified that he had raped or sexually abused them during medical exams or while they were in recovery. The assaults occurred over a 14-year period that investigators believe began as far back as 1995.

Abdelmassih MD had been living with his wife and children at the time of his arrest, in a wealthy neighborhood of Paraguay’s capital city, Asuncion.

Here’s another view of this terrible case:


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Evil Empire Built on Patients’ Blood Finally Comes Tumbing down

Dr Frank J Santangelo

Dr Frank J Santangelo

“My goal is for you to bill out over $1,000,000 a month! It’s very possible!” Santangelo wrote to Nicoll earlier this year. Then, he’s quoted as saying, ”Me and (another physician) put our heads together and added a significant amount of testing …the testing is 90 percent legit.”

(Text message from Doctor Frank Santangelo to Biodiagnostic Lab President David Nicoll)*


A New Jersey doctor we previously reported on, who admitted taking nearly $2,000,000 in bribes from a Parsippany medical lab in exchange for referring millions of dollars of fraudulent patient business, frequently by ordering unnecessary blood tests, has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Doctor Frank Santangelo, age 44, had changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” last July, to charges of money-laundering and failure to file tax returns.

Santangelo, who operated medical offices in the cities of Montville and Wayne, New Jersey would have faced 25 years in prison had the case gone to trial.

The court record shows that the bribes were  one aspect of a moneymaking scheme run by Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services and its president, David Nicoll. By arranging fraudulent relationships with area doctors, investigators found Biodiagnostic Laboratory raked in $100,000,000 in illegal insurance payments from Medicare and various insurers during a 7-year span that started in 2006.

Last June, David Nicoll and six others admitted their guilt before U.S. District Judge Stanley Chesler in Newark. Nicoll, age 39, faces 17 years in prison and forfeits $50,000,000 million in ill-gotten gains.

* From the court record

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Wisconsin Surgeon Sent to Prison for . . . for? Wait for Our Shocked Face . . . Health Care Fraud!

Dr Cully R White

Dr Cully R White

A Milwaukee-area spine physician has changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” to federal health care fraud before Judge Lynn Adelman in U.S. District Court. He had been an owner of a clinic called Midwest Neuro Sciences Associates.  

Doctor Cully White, age 45, was sentenced to 6 months in jail; 6 months home confinement and recommended psychiatric assessment. He was also fined $60,000 and had his medical license revoked.

White was charged in May of last year with 14 counts of fraud. According to an indictment, from November 2010-October 2011,

“The greed of this man borders on the obscene,” stated Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Jacobs. He pointed out that White was bringing in $10,000,000 a year,  at least some of which was by submitting insurance claims for nerve procedures that were never performed.

“That is the type of fraud that needs real deterrence,” Jacobs said.

Before he was arrested, White was accused of four separate complaints filed with the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, who determined that in spite of his “questionable competence,” the wayward physician had been performing nearly 50 surgeries a month, far more than a typical surgeon in his specialty area.

White surrendered his medical license last year after complaints about substandard surgeries, which went back 10 years. His former partner, Doctor Arvind Ahuja, was convicted of tax fraud in 2012, after hiding $8,000,000 in a bank in India.

America. What a country.

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