Long Island Kid Doctor Confesses to Sexually Assaulting Kids

Dr Rakesh Punn

Dr Rakesh Punn

In the city of Bethpage yet another physician has been found guilty of sexual exploitation of a child who was also a patient.

In a statement read in U.S. District Court, the doctor, who is a pediatrician, admitted that, “. . . I knowingly and intentionally used a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct. The victim was 11 years old when I took the photograph that . . . depicts . . . [her] engaged in sexually explicit conduct.”

Investigators learned that the MD actually submitted fake insurance claims for the “treatments” of his young patients’ sexual encounters.

Doctor Rakesh Punn had been held in Nassau County jail since July 2010 on charges that he drugged and sexually abused female children and videotaped his actions.

At times, he committed the acts while the childrens’ parents were in the waiting room, officials have said. The “procedures had not been conducted for any medically accepted purpose, but rather solely for the sexual gratification of the defendant,” Prosecutor Allen Bode said in the indictment.

Investigators stated Punn’s despicable behavior was revealed when his own children reported him to police after they discovered explicit photos of a young girl on his home computer. The son and daughter were young adults at the time.

According to prosecutor Amy Larson, Punn, age 57, can expect a minimum of 15 – and a maximum of 30 – years in federal prison.

Here’s another view of this awful case:


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Our Observations:

Doctor Rakesh K. Punn graduated from Dayanand Medical College, Punjab University, in 1983

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