Mailman Survives Pitbull Attack; Gets Clobbered by Pissy MD

Which one drew blood?


 Dr Tanyech Walford 

An East coast physician has managed to step into a wicked pile of dog doo after apparently attacking her mailman. According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in the city of Greenbelt Maryland, the wayward doctor assaulted a mail carrier after he pepper-sprayed her pit bull when the dog came after him as he was delivering her mail.

Doctor Tanyech Walford, age 43, was arrested last year on the charge of Felony Assault, after an affidavit was filed by Postal Inspector Michel Belz, which identified the mailman by the initials “D.R.” The complaint states the letter carrier was delivering mail to Walford’s home when he was “approached aggressively by a loose pit bull canine.”

After failing to ward the dog off by using his satchel, the mailman “deployed his Postal Service-issued pepper spray,” according to the complaint. The dog retreated and the mailman continued on his route.

At some point, “D.R.” was confronted by Walford, who drove up to him in her SUV. According to the complaint, Walford then “attacked him and began punching him in the face and head.” The assault was broken up by a neighbor.

A court date is pending.

Here’s more:

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