Freaky Foot Physician Admits to Secret Camera Shenanigans

Dr Brian Altman

Dr Brian Altman

A Richmond Indiana physician confessed in court earlier this month to the charge of Voyeurism, which occurred in the nursing staff restroom of his clinic.

Doctor Brian Altman, a 37-year-old podiatrist, admitted in Wayne County Superior court that he had positioned a hidden camera in a bathroom used by his female employees.

According to prosecutors, Altman fled the state of Indiana after being arrested and then released in December, 2012.

Altman was at the time of his arrest the owner/operator of the Altman Foot and Ankle Clinic in Richmond. He was captured in Texas and Indiana investigators traveled there and brought him back to face charges.

A warrant had been issued for his arrest after he failed to show up at a court hearing.

Trust me. I'm a doctor . . .

Trust me. I’m a doctor . . .

Court records show Altman’s secret was discovered when a woman on his staff noticed a red light glowing from beneath some supplies in the restroom. She moved a bag and discovered a video camera pointed directly at the toilet.

The curious staff members then did some more sleuthing, and found an icon on Altman’s computer screen which linked to the video camera. That is when they decided to call the Richmond Police Department.

In their search of the medical office, detectives confiscated the  clinic computers and the criminal case was filed.

Defense attorney Terry O’Maley stated at the time of his plea that the doctor hid the camera in his employees’ restroom because he was going through some tough times in his personal life.

Court documents indicate Doctor Brian Altman will file a “mercy plea” and be sentenced to between 6 months and 3 years. He also faces separate charges of stalking a former girlfriend.

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2 thoughts on “Freaky Foot Physician Admits to Secret Camera Shenanigans

  1. Dr Vivienne says:

    Oh, I’m disappointed! I thought he had a foot fetish! That would just be the ideal job for him….

  2. Dr. Vivienne –
    We suspect the patient care profession is chockfull of the whole psychiatric range of fetishes. What other career provides so much access to the perversions?

    Thank you for following the Medical Miscreant site. We always enjoy your input.

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