Another Doctor Drug-dealer Goes Down – Trust That Another Will Take His Place

Dr Drug Pill Head

America – the pill-poppingest people on the planet. And MDs know it.

Dr Eric Jacobson

Dr Eric Jacobson

In Great Neck New York, a physician who was arrested in 2012 for prescription drug-dealing changed his “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty” in May.

Doctor Eric Jacobson, age 51 of Huntington Long Island, was convicted in Central Islip Federal District Court on 19 counts of Illegal Narcotic Distribution out of his clinic. His medical office in Great Neck had been raided by Drug Enforcement agents on December 1, 2012 after two of his patients died.

Not long after that, even though his clinic was shut down and his license to prescribe narcotics was suspended, this clinical cretin continued writing bogus prescriptions. So upon his arrest, he could not have been too surprised when he was charged with 262 counts of violating laws relating to the distribution of the painkillers. Each count theoretically carried a sentence of up to 20 years.

Under the terms of a plea agreement, Jacobson will serve 7-9 years in federal prison; forfeit $250,000 to the government, and serve three years of supervised release.

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