Lady Doc in a Love Triangle Smashes Her Rival’s Doggy Door

Dr Angela Siler-Fisher

Dr Angela Siler-Fisher

Dr Marcelle Mallery

Dr Marcelle Mallery


An apparent love triangle among three juvenile doctors in Houston deteriorated into what resembled reality TV at its lowest.

Dr Brandon W Fisher

Dr Brandon W Fisher

And now one of them –  Doctor Angela Siler-Fisher – has been convicted of criminal charges after police say she broke into the home of her romantic rival. She was arrested for criminal trespassing and harassment in December of last year and has decided to plead guilty to avoid a trial.

According to investigators, Siler-Fisher, age 42, smashed her way into the home of Doctor Marcelle Mallery, a coworker her husband was involved with. Police say she got into the home by kicking through the doggy door. Once inside, she wrote “whore” and “home-wrecker” with lipstick on the bathroom mirror. In an act of supreme maturity, she left a trail of condoms on the woman’s stairway.

The wayward MD was evidently too focused on revenge to notice the security camera watching her every move. Big mistake.

When Siler-Fisher isn’t busy breaking and entering and in general behaving like a teenage chimp on chocolate, she is the medical director at Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Center. She also teaches at Baylor College of Medicine.

Just makes us so proud to be medical professionals.

Here’s a bit more:


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