Another Lab Coat Lunatic Gets Locked up. But the Supply is Endless

Dr Stanley Dobrowolski

Dr Stanley Dobrowolski

Trust me. This is health care at its finest

Trust me. This is health care at its finest


In the city of London Ontario, Canada, a psychiatrist by the name of Doctor Stanley Dobrowolski pleaded guilty in May to 18 counts of sexual assaults in his clinic. He has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for his repeated patient abuse that according to the prosecution lasted between the early 1990s until he was arrested in 2012.

Dobrowolski, age 67, was found to have been a sexual predator who – as so many physicians in the United States learn –  are able to dodge appropriate punishment for decades, as they carry out a brazen campaign of patient manipulation and deviant conduct, shattering the lives of female patients who look for help with their deepest, most personal problems.

The doctor’s crimes were, said Justice Gregory Pockele, “the most extreme breaches of trust possible. Each and every woman was vulnerable; each and everyone of them in need of support, each and everyone of them at a low point in their lives.”

Dobrowolski sat quietly while the pain of the women who trusted him was laid bare to the court.

Trust me.

Trust me.

“I wish to apologize to my former patients and family and everybody harmed by my conduct,” he told the judge quietly when asked to speak.

Those less familiar with the appalling extent of physician misbehavior voice surprise how Dobrowolski got away with his misconduct for so long. The disgraced psychiatrist was – after all – on the radar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons for years. He was disciplined in 1995 for unprofessional conduct with female patients and in 2004 was ordered to stop physical examinations after he was found to have stepped over the line again.

As so often happens here, his medical license was suspended for a few months, but he was allowed to return to practice if he attended disciplinary courses. He was ordered to inform patients that he couldn’t perform physical exams and have them sign documents to indicate they had been told.

That didn’t seem to matter to this egomaniac.

Prosecuting attorney Laurie Tuttle read out a long list of sexual deviancy. Twenty-two women were part of the criminal court proceedings, but there are almost certainly dozens more.

Canadian law enforcement was alerted to Dobrowolski in 2012 by the husband of a patient. His wife had routinely been given breast and vaginal examinations during what were supposed to be counseling sessions.

This particular freak in a lab coat told the woman to buy lingerie, which he would keep in his office. On follow-up visits, he would take photos of her genitals and show her pictures of other nude patients as part of her “therapy.”

When investigators raided his office they discovered Dobrowolski’s computer held nearly 10,000 images of female patients. They found a hidden camera that he used during sessions without consent.

The photos and videos showed patients topless or naked. Sometimes the psycho psychiatrist was in the photo touching them.

From the photographs, the police found more victims. The women testified that Dobrowolski had them remove their clothing so he could feel their breasts and vaginal areas and check their bodies for moles to detect cancer.

He told one woman that sometimes mental heath medications cause breast cancer and required him to examine her.

His youngest victim was a teenager who was the daughter of a patient. Police found more than 2,100 images and 42 video clips of her naked or topless over a number of years.

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  1. Doctor Watchdog says:

    Not England. London, Ontario, Canada.

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