Lady Doc Guns Down Former Lover in Front of the Kids

Dr Lauren Daly

Dr Lauren Daly. Pediatrician, DuPont Children’s Hospital, Wilmington Delaware

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Lauren Daly 2 days ago

Lauren Daly 2 days ago, headed for state prison







A child care specialist from Delaware County Pennsylvania has been convicted of attempted murder – the result of her outrage and shooting at her Middletown Township home in 2013.

Doctor Lauren P. Daly, age 41, a pediatrician at DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, was found guilty by a jury July 7 after less than an hour of deliberations.

According to police statements, the doctor’s murderous assault happened in the driveway of her home on Memorial Day of last year.

During the trial, the prosecution was able to prove that the wayward physician  got into a screaming match with her former lover, a 49-year-old ER nurse named Margaret Grover.

According to investigators, the couple had ended their relationship several years ago, but shared custody of an 11-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. Ms. Grover had just dropped off the little girl at Daly’s home and was sitting at the wheel of her black sedan. Investigators learned that Daly became angry when Grover refused to allow her to speak with the boy, who was seated in the front passenger seat.

At that point Daly pulled a 9mm automatic handgun from her pocket and fired multiple shots through the windshield of the car.

car shooting graphic

The victim was hit by five bullets in the face and upper body. She managed to drive herself to Riddle Memorial hospital.

Daly MD will be sentenced at a later date for Attempted Murder as well as Reckless Endangerment because of the proximity of the children.

Here’s more on this outrageous story:

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Case Update:

Judge Michael F Coll sentenced Doctor Lauren Patricia Daly to 52 years in prison on September 9, 2014, for shooting her former partner Margaret Grover and endangering the life of their son, now age 12.

Grover had pleaded to the Delaware County judge to give her former companion, an emergency-room pediatrician, the maximum sentence for shooting her in the presence of their children during a child-custody argument.

“She’s not done,” Grover said in tears. “She won’t be done until I’m dead.”
Daly, now age 43, of Middletown Township, was convicted in July, 2014, after a two-week trial, on charges of Attempted First Degree Murder, Reckless Endangerment, and other crimes. She was ordered to have no future contact with Grover or their son.

Our Observations:

You can find lots of shiny information on the A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital website. What you will not find is any reference to this case.

Hospitals generally avoid chatting up the subject of doctors who try to kill people. A kid-MD firing a barrage of bullets into a car with a kid in it? Not a reality they care to face. They far prefer to hide their demons. And they are amazingly good at it.

Which is precisely why this website exists.



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