The Medical Profession Doesn’t Need Supervision: It Needs an Exorcism

Dr Dennis Aponte

Dr Dennis Aponte

Two more New Jersey physicians have been sentenced to prison for accepting bribes from a corrupt medical lab, federal prosecutors say.

Doctor Dennis Aponte, age 46 of Cedar Grove, would send his patients’ blood to a Parsippany medical lab for testing. And according to federal investigators, he would be illegally paid $3,000 cash payouts for these referrals, in a long-running fraud scheme led by a crook named David Nicoll, the president of Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services (BLS).

Court documents proved that BLS illegally billed more than $175,000 from Medicare and private insurers after testing the blood of patients from Aponte’s West New York medical practice, prosecutors say.

Dr Frank J Santangelo

Dr Frank J Santangelo

And another clinical cretin, 44-year old-Frank Santangelo of Boonton, has been convicted money laundering and related charges, for accepting nearly $2,000,000 in bribes for referring $6,000,000 in business to the same corrupt medical lab, prosecutors report.

Which American profession generates the most crime? How about you tell us.

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One thought on “The Medical Profession Doesn’t Need Supervision: It Needs an Exorcism

  1. Christine Massood says:

    I was a victim having gone to Dr. Santangelo for pink eye he ran $8000 worth of blood work and depleted my health savings account. I have been trying to get some help with restitution for this but it has been a losing battle. The FBI says because mine was not medicare fraud it was insuarance fraud that they would be unable to help me. I contacted several lawyers but because the $ amount was not a large sum of money it was not worth their time so frustrating!!!!

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