Ho-Hum. Another Week – Another 50 Doctors Convicted of Major Crimes

What does Obama Care have to say about these characters? Nothing

How does Obama Care address these clinical cretins? It doesn’t

Yes, 50 doctors per week; 210 is the average for a typical month. These jaw-dropping numbers are the sad “normal” in American healthcare. No other profession generates such preposterous volume of crime. Here are but a few medical miscreants in court over the past seven days:

Walayat Khan MD, age 66 of Ypsilanti Michigan – Guilty, $7,000,000 health care scam

Dr Donald Wagoner

Dr Donald Wagoner

Donald Wagoner MD, age 78 of Kokomo Indiana – 30-year sentence, Drug dealing from his Wagoner Medical Clinic offices

Leland G. Whitson MD, age 57 of Long Beach California – Guilty, $46,000,000 insurance theft

Dr Leland G Whitson

Dr Leland G Whitson

Victor Bruce MD, age 49  of Las Vegas – Convicted, Narcotic Drug Trafficking

Dr Victor Bruce

Dr Victor Bruce

Georges Bensimhon MD, age 67 of Cleveland Ohio – Guilty, Attempted Murder of Doctor Seth Hoffer

Dr Georges Bensimhon

Dr Georges Bensimhon

Adelina Herrero MD, age 72 of Ann Arbor Michigan – Guilty, $1,382,000 insurance theft in home health visit scam

Martin MacNeill MD, age 58 of Provo Utah – in court for a hearing regarding his wife Murder conviction

Dr Martin MacNeill

Dr Martin MacNeill


John Maye MD, age 59 of Buffalo New York – Convicted, Narcotic Drug Distribution over the internet to 12,000 people he never met

Dr John Maye

Dr John Maye

Andrew Osborne MD, age 50 of Dothan Alabama – Guilty, Wife Beating

Dr Andrew Osborne

Dr Andrew Osborne

Doron Feldman MD, age 54 of Rochester New York – Convicted of Stealing $630,000 in fraudulent billing

Mark Tuan Le MD, age 55 of Charlotte North Carolina – Convicted, 7 counts of Fraud and theft of $6,200,000

Dr Oscar P Gosien

Oscar Gosien MD, age 74 of Oak Hill West Virginia – 35-year sentence, trading narcotics for sex with patients

210 doctor convictions per month. Happy to do the math for you: That’s 10 Guilty verdicts for every court calendar date of the year.

What other profession carves such a monstrous swathe of destruction through an otherwise intelligent society?

None. Not a one.

Just makes you proud to call yourself an American, doesn’t it?

And people wonder why we wrote the book . . .

Sadder than expected; funnier than it ought to be

Sadder than expected; funnier than it ought to be




2 thoughts on “Ho-Hum. Another Week – Another 50 Doctors Convicted of Major Crimes

  1. leejcaroll says:

    I am a member of a few groups at LinkedIn. One is for physicians, but patients join too. One doc writes on how to avoid getting caught illegally prescribing. When one doc really went overboard about docs getting caught and how horrid that was, I decided to ‘Google’ him. He had lost his license for narcotic prescribing. I replied that he did seem overwrought and was this related to his losing his license. The MD who started the thread came after me in messaging and removed me from the group.

    Too many of them (physicians) care more about protecting one another then the public. (Another doc whom I knew personally lost his license, suspended for 5 years but never returned as of the last time I looked for sex for drugs. He posts about his references and tests he offers and is tryng to sell them (although he has also offered for free.) Only one doctor at the site questioned who this guy was, Googled’ him – found out the truth about him but did not share it (except in private message to me) and this doc continues to post as though he is still the doc he once was, with impeccable credentials (such as being a professor at Hopkins)
    There are too many bad docs, including criminal, and yet the profession still keeps up the blue wall of silence. Shameful on all of them who participate in the cover ups.

  2. permanentevigilante says:

    Haven’t seen Dr. Martello in this space yet: http://conciergemedicinenews.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/doctor-gets-jail-time-562500-penalty-in-improper-billing-case/

    She illegally balance billed patients she snagged from emergency rooms when they were most vulnerable.. even put a lien on some poor patient’s home. Greed knows no bounds.

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