One Advantage to Becoming an MD: Commit Crimes; Go to Prison; Get Out; Move Out of State and Get a New License


Dr Krishnarao V. Rednam

Dr Krishnarao V. Rednam

In 2007 an eye specialist in the St. Louis area named Krishnarao V. Rednam happened to be an owner of several eye clinics. He now works out of shoddy rooms in the back of a church in a township called Washington Park, Illinois. There is a junkyard across the alley. His business name is spray-painted on a plywood board – “Affordable Healthcare.”

Note to the unsuspecting: in our world, “affordable healthcare” is doctor-speak for substandard treatment.

Rednam’s life of prestige and wealth came to an abrupt end when state investigators discovered the St. Louis Eye Clinic chain was billing Medicare  for expensive drugs, but injecting cheap, non-approved drugs into his patients’ eyes. Police found evidence that Rednam was also of the habit of using unsterile needles on his unsuspecting patients.

They learned that his routine patient care included dividing single-use vials of medicines among multiple patients; then charge each patient for a full dose.

He apparently repeated this crime nearly 300 times, overcharging patients and their insurances more than $600,000.

And just as he was about to be arrested, Rednam age 61, destroyed records to cover up his lab coat lunacy.

The wayward MD was found guilty anyway. The crime was Obstructing Justice. He was given a 6-month prison term, followed by a 4-month period of home detention. He was ordered to repay $360,000 to insurance providers. He and his four partners repaid another $250,000 stolen from patients.

The really bad news? Because he now had a felony conviction, Missouri  revoked his license for seven years.

The really weird news? Different state medical boards have different rules, and a criminal physician can simply cross state lines and open up shop. So he did. In a back alley.

So madman Rednam moved to Illinois, where felony convictions by doctors are . . . well, not taken so seriously.

State medical boards are strange creatures and this one – in a statement that is just about as freaky as we have ever heard – announced that Rednam was a charitable man who took responsibility for his actions. It characterized the illegal dosing scam was no more than “treatment confusion.”

And even though Rednam was convicted of obstructing a health care investigation by destroying evidence, the state medical board believed that the criminal doctor had “cooperated” in the investigation afterwards.

In the end, a group of doctors on a state medical board agreed that one of their brethren possessed “rare skills and it would be in the public interest to put him in a position where he could resume his good works.”

Yes, indeed. They really did say that.

So the man is once again licensed and legal to deliver patient care with how much supervision? Zero.

Here’s another take on this story:

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Our Observations:

Krishnarao V. Rednam graduated from Andhra Medical College in Andhra Pradesh, India in 1972. He is one of just over 3,000 foreign-born doctors found guilty of poopy behavior since 1985.

The United States does not deport criminal physicians.

We relicense them.

Which is why in our world we call them Third World Assassins.

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2 thoughts on “One Advantage to Becoming an MD: Commit Crimes; Go to Prison; Get Out; Move Out of State and Get a New License

  1. xenonman says:

    Why are not these scum deported back to India, or whatever third world country they came from?
    The only reason these cheapskate pigs are in the US is for the $$$$ !

    • XenonMan:

      “Can’t they deport these foreign doctors back to their countries of origin?”

      Of course they can. They could also suspend them from working as soon as credible complaints are made. That is – after all – exactly what the airlines do with suspected ‘dangerous’ pilots.

      They could do both of these intelligent options. But they don’t. Why?

      Because the typical citizens have their noses stuck so far into their little plastic phone toys . . . they don’t even know this pandemic is even going on.

      And until it happens to them, they don’t care enough to start raising the proper volume of hell.

      Healthcare authorities quite literally allow bad physicians to get away with homicide.

      Because we LET them.

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