Doctor Duped by D-Cups Pleased to Hear of Their Arrests

Dr Zyad K Younan

Dr Zyad K Younan

A Holmdel New Jersey physician is pointing to the arrests of several Manhattan nude dancers, as proof that he was taken advantage of at a night club as he had reported to  police.

Doctor Zyad K. Younan, age 41, accused the women of spiking his drinks and then running up expenses on his credit card while he was too spifficated to stop them.

Blame it on the Bossanova

Blame it on the Bossa Nova

According to New York City investigators, the scam may have originated with four women prowling bars to seduce wealthy, intoxicated men. The story is they would arrange for follow-up dates and then secretly mix methylone or the tranquilizer ketamine, into the men’s drinks.

It was during this stupefied state that the swacked Doctor Zyad Younan believes he was driven to a strip club called Scores, where his credit card was used to run up charges as high as $135,000.

When Younan isn’t spreading the love with naked ladies, he works as a heart specialist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He also treats patients at Bayshore Community Hospital.

Younan’s lawyer, Michael Weinstein, said this: “My client was preyed upon by these women. He was not responsible for this.”


Here’s another view of this tawdry tale:

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Our Observations:

So let’s see if we’ve got this straight. Goofy Younan’s contention that he was drugged and therefore could not have authorized the credit card charges might make some semblance of sense, had the “seduction” happened once. Unfortunately for the doctor, he is seen on nightclub security video flirting with the nude dancers for hours, on the evenings of November 17, November 23, November 26 and November 28, according to investigators.

Our question: dear doctor loony tunes: you were drugged and taken advantage of one night, and so you went back for the abuse three more times?

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