Utah MD Who Murdered His Wife Back in Court for Sexual Assault

Dr Martin MacNeill

Dr Martin MacNeill

In the city of Provo a physician already in prison for killing his wife will go to trial in July as the result of sexual abuse of an adult family member.

Martin MacNeill, age 58, now faces a charge of forcible sexual abuse in an assault that law enforcement believes happened one month after his wife was found dead in a bathtub.

Michele MacNeill

Michele MacNeill

MacNeill was convicted of murder in November of last year for the death of his wife, Michele. Prosecutors were able to prove that the physician deliberately overdosed her following cosmetic surgery on her face, and left her to die in the couple’s bathtub.

MacNeill has yet to be sentenced in the murder case because of delays created by his attorney, who has filed multiple post-trial motions.

In the sexual assault case, the unnamed victim is expected to testify that she confronted MacNeill about the incident the day after it happened. She told investigators that the wayward doctor admitted committing the act, and apologized, saying he thought she was the ghost of his dead wife.

And people wonder why we call these people lab coat lunatics.

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